Thursday, April 28, 2011

INSIGHT: Is It An Economic Crisis Or Opportunity?

Direct Selling: From Door to Door to Network MarketingPeople are still losing their jobs at an incredible rate. No one is safe as i have come to realize. There is no such thing as job security anymore for those in the work force and for others like me, who are still studying to become professionals, there will be no jobs waiting for us when we graduate. Its time you realize this and do something about it.

These difficult times, however, can be a blessing in disguise for people who are building their direct selling business. Below are a few reasons why this is the greatest time for you to join me in the direct selling business:

1. People are now open to change - When the economy and people are thriving, there is no reason for them to explore other opportunities to earn extra income. However, when times become more difficult, like today and people do not have as much confidence in their current situation, they are open to listening to other opportunities.

2. People are risk adverse - During these difficult times, people are not interested in taking risks. Direct selling is the best business, i believe, for people who are risk adverse. The reason is that the risk of financial loss is minimal because the initial investment is small. However, the potential upside is tremendous. 

3. People are losing their primary source of income - Many people are losing their primary job. Although this is never great news, these people are going to be more than open to looking at alternate opportunities.

For those of us who are already in the direct selling business, this is when we are most excited and here's why. Of all the thousands of people being laid off from their jobs, most direct sellers only need a minimum of 3 people to join their team to start earning huge residual income. Since direct selling is all about duplication and teamwork, we get to coach everyone under our teams to do as we do. Even after the economy stabilizes, anyone involved in direct selling will still be ahead of the curve as people will now want to reward themselves for their hard work by buying even more products for themselves and their families. Its a win win for everyone involved.

Take QNet for example, that deals mostly with wellness and luxury products. Joining the business is easy, with an initial investment of USD420 for a high quality one time purchase of a wellness product. To get started in the business with the help of your sponsor/upline, you have to introduce a minimum of two people. Now you can't tell me that you don't know anyone who is in the same situation your in and is open to new ideas to earn extra income. Once you get these two people to join with you, you and your upline coach your two friends to do the same. The important term here is COACH.

The return on investment is directly proportionate to the amount of effort you put to grow your TEAM, because the bigger the team, the faster you earn residual income. So you may be thinking to yourself, "I don't have the time to start my own business, not with all the work load i have (for those of you lucky enough to have a job)". You couldn't be further from the truth. Right now as read this message, you could have been forwarding this message to all your friends. This simple message does all the talking for you.

That's the beauty of this business. Its all about duplication. Try it out for yourself. If you really want to see who amongst your friends is willing to open their minds to new opportunities to earn extra income, send this message to everyone you know, do not discriminate anyone. If you get any replies, get back to the person who sent you this message.

Seize the opportunity, join me and my team. Use us to your advantage to build a business and start earning a residual income today.

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