Wednesday, April 27, 2011

INSIGHT: Do You Compare Yourself To Others Around You?

"I have heard about QNET and its products from several people now, but I have a friend who joined six months ago and to this day he/she has not made any money from the "business". They quit their business and have warned me against joining. I trust my friend so i don't think I'll be joining QNET anytime soon."

How many of you reading this blog have ever thought of this statement when someone approached you about joining them in QNET?

I receive this statement 60% of the time when i approach prospects and start talking about QNET. Yes, it's true, some people never seem to be able to make the business work as fast as they wish it could. You have to understand, this is a business opportunity NOT a job offer.

What do I mean by this?

In a job you get paid a monthly, if not hourly salary. The salary is paid to you even if you give the job 50% or 100% of you time. However, the salary is always fixed and bonuses are rare. In a business you get paid for your efforts. If you do 50% of the work, you get paid 50%, if you do nothing, you get paid nothing. So ask yourself if your friend gave 100% of his/her time to the business or did he/she give 50% and expect to be paid 100% (a salary)?

Here is another point to take into consideration. Your friend may have done all he/she could amounting to 90% of the work, and gave up hope in their business just when there was just 10% more effort needed to be successful. NO TWO PEOPLE ARE ALIKE. Everybody has their own limitations. What they failed to master to become a success may come naturally to you. So comparing yourself to your friend does you a major injustice. If your friend failed in the business, another question to ask yourself is what can you do differently to succeed?

One of the things this business and industry has taught me is to always learn from, not only my mistakes, but also from those made by others. Do you not trust yourself at all that you'll have your friends or family decide for you your future? You have to believe in yourself, give yourself a chance to succeed and OPEN YOUR MIND to the possibility of success. Life will reward you handsomely.

If you do decide to join and manage to succeed where your friend failed, you then have to teach your friend how to make their business work for them. However, I urge you not to join in their business.


Your friend will only help bring your moral down faster. Look instead for someone who is passionate about the business as this person will willingly teach you more than your friend ever could. Only when you succeed do you let your friend in on the "secrets" you have learned. This will help them see more clearly the mistakes they made.

If you are interested in starting your own business right now, take a tour of the QNET website and if you like what you see, register to become an Independent RepresentativeE-mail me directly or leave a comment below and I'll get back to you if you have any other questions on your mind.

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