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Anonymous Reader Comment Answered: QNET Disclaimer, Cimier, Benrhard H Mayer and Swiss eLearning

I received a comment from an Anonymous Egyptian reader on one of my other posts that I would like to share with everyone because I believe he/she raised some interesting points. You may share his/her point of view. I would like to apologize in advance. This will be one of the longest posts I have ever made but I thank you for reading it all the way through. As always, if you have any feedback on what you are about to read here today, please leave a comment below. It would be great if you could leave your actual name too. To be frank with you, I am tired of people hiding behind the "Anonymous" label when they leave a comment that doesn't agree with my point of view.

Before I go any further, please note that the original comment is in the Italic format.

Ok. Here's the thing. And I hope you have an open heart to accept what I'm about to say I am Egyptian  we have an Old saying that says "what goes on a rat goes on the Lion, in an animal kingdom..of course." Now I do not have to prove that their stuff are way over priced on all their qualifying product range. But I have found my reasons for both - their crappy watch Brand, and their Swiss eLearning courses that they claim its doing humanity a great favor. 

But before I give my reasons, let me remind you that my above post has nothing against the actual product or its features - I clearly stated that they are products that do work so its not surprising that their famous bio-disc does miracles, as a matter of fact I have close friends who did experience VERY good results. But is the question here "is their products a fraud?"

Nope. Again - its the ridiculous rates they are being offered at. I am a watches collector - I love watches and I think I am eligible to know a good watch from a crappy watch. 

Yes, I too thought the prices for some of the QNET products where a bit on the high side at first, but that's only if you think short time. In the long run, you save way more. Am talking about products from the Amezcua and the holiday packages.  What he/she calls ridiculous rates, someone else calls fair. After all some of these products will last from 15 years (Amezcua products) up to 30 years (holiday packages)...this too factors in the final price by the way.

As he/she clearly stated in an earlier comment, the QNET compensation system works, doesn't that then mean that someone can gain back all the money they spent? Why then, I wonder, do people still fixate on commodity prices when clearly the opportunity to earn back  what they spent is freely open to them.

Different direct selling companies offer different product price rates, some cheap that require a person to constantly purchase products to meet a quota and others not so cheap with the major advantage that they are not required to make constant purchases to meet any quota. It comes as no surprise to learn that in the long run, they end up paying the same total price to partake in either business opportunity.

This brand that's called Bernhard H. Mayer, that they claim it has to do with the famous german coin makers who were there since 1871 - now they claim its the same Bernhard H. Mayer (The grand grand grand father) has continued this industry and started making watches and jewelry - That's crap! thats a company owned by QI group called Cimier that makes the components for that watch, a brand established with the purpose of making affordable watches for workers that doesn't exceed their 1 week salary, during the world war. They say its swiss made - its true, it is swiss made, but you can make a 100% swiss made watch at 100$ and will look amazing (Check the great swiss replicas in the markets)

Now they call it "Bernhard H. Mayer Watches & Jewelry since 1871"! They are selling these from $700 up to $3200 just cause they've hijacked the reputation of the great Mayer family, that did coins anyways! which isn't a big mark in the watch industry if you asked me. (btw I believe someone soon is gonna have you delete all this so copy before they close your page!)

Those brands my dear will NEVER see the light if they were offered in the markets with those prices, matter of fact, they will get sued and brought down right away from REAL great watch makers such as Rolex, IWC, Tag Heuer... "before you offer at our rates better prove you deserve it" 

There is a saying which I think you all know. "One man's meat is another man's poison"! I have nothing against his/her taste in watches but I would urge everyone to be careful about how you throw around accusations on whether a product is "crappy" or not. Secondly, The Qi group doesn't own Bernhard H. Mayer, they are  partners and have shares in the company (I  believe) but that's about it. They do, however own Cimier, which they acquired back in 2006.

Now to clarify, The Mayer Mint is a recognized privately owned minting factory. This is not a claim. It is FACT.  It is also a fact that it has been passed down as all great businesses do from father to son down through their generations. The Mayer Mint exclusively make numismatic coins. Their sister brand, the Bernhard H. Mayer exclusively make their watches and jewelry product lines. This is why (I believe) Cimier was contracted to make their watch collections. Cimier makes their own range of watches such as the BIGMATIC 16½´´´, Petite Seconde Venom, which can be bought from their retail stores.

It is not rare for two companies to work together to make a product. Is it really "hijacking"? I don't think so. I hope to get confirmation but from what I know so far, Bernhard H. Mayer and Cimier collaborate to produce some watches, but that is nothing new in the world of business. It makes sense, doesn't it, that if you want to produce a quality product, have a coin factory make coins and a watch factory to make watches. Cimier is a reputable watch company, maybe not as high ranked as Rolex and the other big names, but it is getting there.

On a side note, I did't understand his/her "Check the great Swiss replicas in the markets" statement. Exclusivity has to deal with uniqueness and quality! A $100 Swiss made watch is clearly of lower quality than a higher priced one, isn't it? If you wish to sell lower quality products to your friends then am sorry but QNET isn't for you. There are people out there who will buy a watch that cost upwards from  US$25,000 to over a million. You don't hear them crying over price because clearly price is not an issue for them.

Then briefly, their eLearning courses, Swisselearning courses that are supposed to be a GREAT VALUE for money, a complete MBA for $600. Wow! If you went to their FAQ, you'll find at the very bottom: Is the course certificate a degree or a diploma? The courses at Swiss eLearning Institute are non-academic courses. Though the course certificate is not a degree or a diploma, your enrolment will enhance your skill in the respective fields for which you have signed up.

As for the Swiss elearning institute, yes you are not getting a diploma or degree. But if I may ask, do you get a diploma or degree from attending seminars? No. What about after reading self help books on your off time? No. What you do get is a new set of skills that when used in your daily life can be of benefit to you. Swiss eLearning Institute is no different. This program offers two choices to anyone who lives a busy lifestyle but still wants to further their studies but can't afford to take time off at the risk of losing their jobs or business income;
1- Take a forced break and go back to school
2- Register for a class that is flexible and delivers the same material, at a lower price.

Now does that give you any confidence in any of their products? who writes this as their Disclaimer for EXCLUSIVE products? But i guess not many "IR's" have read this. They rely on the IRs to boost the sales via convincing them that these products have amazing value for money, and that they are exclusive and so more people could accept the idea.

Did they "Qnet" say that? Nope. as a matter of fact if you go ahead and read the terms of use and their policy guidelines, you will find that as an IR you cannot say or do so many things - but I guess very few IRs hardly accepted all these terms and conditions without lookin at it. Qnet is Legit, they know their products are way overpriced but people will join because they want to make money - everyone wants to make money, but not all of us will accept to sell products to our relatives and friends if we find them no more than 20% of their actual prices. 

and that's the job of your upline, to tell you this, and convince you that this IS infact an amazing price. Bottom line is; You say what you have to say as an IR to get the job done, as long as no one could get back at us in the court room. here's the same Disclaimer notice on the Qnet website and all their brands websites:

Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance to the terms of this Disclaimer.

No Warranty to Accuracy

The information provided by us on this website is on an ‘as is’, ‘as available’ basis and is for general, indicative purposes only. Although every effort is made to ensure the reliability of the information contained in this website, this shall not constitute as a warranty, either expressed or implied with regards to the accuracy and adequacy of any information stated herein. 

The 'as is', 'as available' statement pertains to those products that have been produced but are of limited quantity. Most of Bernhard H. Mayer watches fall under this category. Also, some of the products offered by QNET are not available in stores world wide. Take the WFA Water Filter for instance. This product is only available (I believe) in Malaysia. Does this mean that QNET is trading in bad faith? I don't think so. They are just informing you that due to logistics, they may not offer that product in your country of residence.

We expressly disclaim any guarantee or warranty of promised future income or earning. Any claim of earning or earning potential should be treated as an opinion only and you shall not rely on it unless you have verified its accuracy. We shall not be held liable to and shall not accept any liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage arising from your reliance on such claims. 

Of course QNET is going to disclaim any guarantee or warranty of promised future income or earning. This is not a job where you are promised a fixed monthly salary. Earning and income statements made by QNET and it's Independent Representatives, such as myself, are estimates of what you can possibly earn if you take the business serious. As is the case with any business, your results will vary and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. Should this stop you from giving yourself the chance to achieve your dreams?

Links to Third Party Website

Links to third party websites may be provided in this website. The provision or assistance in providing such links is only for users' easy reference purposes only. It does not represent that we agree or do not disagree with the contents of any such external sites. We will not have or accept any liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for the content of such external websites and will not accept any responsibility and shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from or in respect of any use or misuse or reliance on the contents of any such external websites. We reserve our right to delete or edit any information on this site at any time at our absolute discretion without giving any prior notice.

And as for 3rd party links, surly this should not come as a surprise to anyone. I too should have this written somewhere on my blog as a clear warning that what you read here on this blog is my personal insight on a particular company, in this case QNET. Of course any external link I place will lead you to another website whose author may contradict what I say. Should that stop anyone from reading my blog? "Links to 3rd Party Website" disclaimers are nothing new.

Lastly, I would like to clear the air about something that has been thrown around in the comments above. The word "expensive". This word is relative. What I mean by this is, if a product has no value to you, no matter how much it costs, it will always be "expensive". It is clear to me that the Bernhard H. Mayer watches and Swiss eLearning products provided no added value in the above reader's life and were the reason he/she deemed them "expensive/ridiculous".

My mentor once asked me this as an example, "If your relative falls sick today and required medical attention, come hell or high water, you would look for the money to pay the hospital bills, wouldn't you." This is because a life has to be saved. Any price is not too high, even for the most poor person on the planet. But ask that same person to buy a product that they think will not add value in their life and be prepared to hear this response, "That product is too expensive!"

Unlike most people, I will sell a product to my family or friends that I believe will benefit them the most, irrespective of price. Price should never be the deciding factor in whether or not to refer a product to anyone. The one mistake you can make in this business is assume that because you think a product is expensive, others will too. Lastly, it may be true that some IR's are taught early on to say anything that will get the sale. But not all IR's do. We refer products we like and believe will help you. For some it's not about the money, so don't be so quick place us all in the same basket.

Thank you for reading this far. I hope to hear from the Anonymous reader who left the original comment (though come to think of it, I wouldn't know who it is if i get more anonymous feed backs on this post, ironic isn't it!) Please leave a comment below if you would like to join the discussion between "Anonymous" and !


  1. Thanks Pattrick for giving such a beautiful insight on product.
    Would request you, if you can explain the how to prove people that our products works in improving our lives,Especially Wellness products.

    1. Thank you Vivek Yadav for your comment. Thank you too for the blog suggestion. I will try and see what I can do. To clarify, you wish me to write a blog showing how QNET products do help improve our prospects lives?

      If so, I believe such a post would be most effective with the use of IR testimonials. Please email me Vivek Yadav and share with me your testimony on how your QNET product has helped you. Also, if you know any IR who wishes to collaborate, let them contact me with a brief testimony on how their QNET product has helped them. This opportunity is open to all IR's of QNET(provide a photo of yourself that I can post on the upcoming post)

      I do believe however that I wrote 2 blog posts proving QNET's products worth, you can view them by visiting these links:
      For Ole:
      For Bio Disc:

  2. And i want to ask him just a question, why he talk about watches and swiss e.learning courses without matter of fact because of many things like that courses give you certificate from SMC university, and deliberately didnt talk about holidays products, because he know that it's easy to any one to determine if it's price is hight or not but watches and the courses you have to search more to assure it.

  3. Patrick,
    Hats off! Your insight is superb. I'll make sure this blog goes viral.
    -Saurabh Sureka, +919830993733


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