Wednesday, September 26, 2012

INSIGHT: QNET Scam, Fact Or Fiction?

Scams cheat people out of their money. When this happens, you don’t only lose out on the money that the scam costs you; you also lose some sense of security about your online activities. This is FACT. Scam artists often use the promise of valuable gains to entice consumers to send money, buy overpriced products or services, or contribute to bogus charities. This too is FACT. Every downturn creates desperation among those hardest hit and people in trouble are usually targets for these kinds of fraud. Another FACT.

With the internet being such an open and vast source for the exchange of information, the internet is abounding with fraud and business scams to con you out of your money.  It is hard to sniff out legitimate online businesses amidst so many risks out there. In-turn a lot of people are afraid to risk their hard earned money because of all the stories they have heard of people being scammed out of all their money. You too might be interested in earning an income online by joining an online business but are rightly reluctant. This is FACT.

Do a web search for “Is [insert company name] a scam?”, and you’re sure to get a list of results for the company in question using that very phrase. Does this mean that the company IS a scam? Not necessarily. You see, a lot of people that want to sell their business systems (or who have had an isolated bad experience and have an axe to grind) buy up these keywords for every company they can think of in order to capitalize on people looking for honest information.

Tips on how to know which companies are ethical, and which you should avoid.

Ethical companies are about products FIRST. In a pyramid scheme, people are compensated for selling the business opportunity. The higher you are in the pyramid, the more money you make. But in this system, members of the pyramid make money when people JOIN, not when they SELL SOMETHING. This is the critical difference between a pyramid scheme and a legitimate network marketing or direct sales opportunity. In a legitimate company, if the person you recruit doesn't sell something, you don’t make money.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It takes time to build a business. You need to build a network of people, and establish your business by doing the work. It doesn't happen overnight, and you won’t make a million dollars in your first month. It is hard work and requires effort on your part. If a company tries to entice you to join by telling you it’s easy, and you’ll make a lot of money very quickly, be careful! Legitimate businesses provide information on what you actually need to do in order to make money, and realistic estimates about how long it takes.

Network marketing does not work on autopilot. Often you’ll see claims that you can make money on “autopilot.” Be careful! Network marketing and direct sales are about making connections with people. Connections don’t happen on autopilot. Ethical companies provide you with real information about the type of work you’ll be doing to earn money. If it’s a direct sales opportunity, you’ll have to talk to people.

Is the company a DSA Member? Membership in the Direct Selling Association doesn't come easily. It is a year-long process that requires a thorough legal review of a company’s marketing materials and policies, as well as compliance with the DSA Code of Ethics. When evaluating a network marketing or direct sales opportunity, be sure to look for the DSA logo on that company’s website. This is your assurance that the company you’re considering is committed to complying with the industry’s highest ethical standards. If you don’t see it, think twice!

Even though there are lots of scams out there today, there are also some excellent business opportunities that have helped people earn extra income, build successful businesses and achieve financial independence, especially when paired with a legitimate company, and a willingness to do the work necessary to succeed. QNET is one such company. This is FACT and if you want proof, here it is.

When you next hear or read that QNET is a scam, that is FICTION. Let me give it to you QNET, you will get to own fantastic products but there is no guarantee that you will ever succeed in the business. It’s a home-based business and about 80% of businesses or start-ups fail within the first 3 to 5 years. This is a sad FACT, but should that stop you from trying your best to achieve your dreams?

Other questions for you to ponder on as I end this post.

1) How far would you go if I told you that QNET will probably give you the lifestyle that you want, to spend more time with your family and to travel around the world with them?

2) Are you willing to give in your heart and soul for the next 2 to 3 years to take a risk on your own ability to learn some new skills that will help fulfill your dreams of a better life not only for you but for your loved ones as well?

3) Or would you rather work a corporate job your whole life KNOWING full well that you may never retire early enough to enjoy your hard earned money while spending more time with your family?

4) If I told you that there are already a large number of self-made millionaires all around the world because of the network marketing industry, would you want to be counted as one of them?

5) And are you really going to sit there and let someone else's misguided notions of whether a business is "scam or not" stop you from achieving your own goals in life?


  1. It's a f****** scam that just sell people the idea with worthless products that's not worth a fraction of it's price.

  2. Well Anonymous, whoever you may be, thank you for your feedback and I do hope you have proof to backup your claim that the products are indeed worthless. If I may ask, do you own one or are you basing your judgement on hearsay? Because I do and there is no way you can tell me that my product is worthless for I know different! I invite you to read one of my latest posts that prooves this by following this link:

  3. really it looks like a fraud system. even i was called for this presentation. they torture you to invest on it. your mind says not to but, people will convince you...

  4. I think you should be happy with your job. The products are awesome. No one will try to convince you and say you will be investing. Best thing about Qnet is you don't have to spend. If you follow basics.. You ll be earning in couple of months.

  5. It is in fact a great opportunity to achieve our dreams and I have been seeing practical examples of people getting great results without cheating anyone. Of course, you need to be ready to put in those efforts. Regarding the products, these are really awesome and great possessions.

  6. Great..then why companies like Qnet not appoint the baggers to improve their life style if they are claiming there is no investment needed. i wonder we read almost everyday abt a new scam and some fools still thinks they will become millionaire over nite...god bless u all...

    1. my dear Gaurav ,without sowing seeds you cant hope for fruit.

    2. Without sowing seeds??? There is no short-cut to hard work... The simple means of networking is fooling people and selling the product. One person came to me telling that the Talcum Powder of XYZ company is so effective that your body will not odour at all. This is just an example, there are many other facts... SHAME ON SUCH CON PEOPLE!

    3. Qnet never say that you will become millionaire overnight. Read about anything thoroughly before blaming :) . It is a business of successful and intelligent peope. So dear Gaurav, stay out of it, NOT GOOD FOR YOU.hahahaha

  7. This is an awesome business that exists in the asia market. It is giving life for many people, At present there are more than 6 million people connected to each other..I'm already earning great from Qnet..Thanks to eshwaran..Don't think it as scam and go ahead and join with them, u will definitely discover that this is the legitimate business and have a great life style in near future!!

  8. One cannot compare Qnet to any other marketing schemes because qnet follows direct selling and not pyramid marketing. Scams happen when a company dupes its customers' money and shuts down and in Qnet's case, the company is working fine. I have been associated with Qnet as an IR for the past 2 years and have benefited from the opportunities. The only criterion that is important is hard work. If you work hard, it will pay and if you don't, you will be at a loss. So if you want to earn money and have the potential to work hard, qnet is the right place for you!

  9. I have also been called for a this by one of good friend saying that this is will be a new business opportunities, I was convinced to join this network but even then I wanted some time to prepare my self for this.
    Now totally confused.

  10. Gaurav,

    I have recently joined qnet - on May 30th 2013 to be precise. And I would like to correct your generic accusations.

    1) They cannot invite beggars (which is what I presume you mean by baggers) because at no point during the initial business plan presentation did the company say that there is NO INVESTMENT. They make it very clear the initial expense ranges from 2.5 - 7.5 lakhs depending upon the nature of product that you buy.

    2) During the business plan I was specifically told this is NOT a business that will make you a millionaire overnight. It takes you anywhere from 3 -5 years to start making at least a couple of lakhs a month. This was explained VERY CLEARLY to me during the presentation.

    Maybe you should get your facts right before shooting your mouth off on a public forum.

  11. Mr. Gaurav I guess we are here talking about business and not about ur jobbie lyfstyle or beggars....and if u r so concerned about beggars den y don't u help dem out....rather than giving ur so called expertised thoughts.....oops I'm sry I actually do charity u need to have full pockets....well anyways.....give ur shit experts when u hav actually done something or achieved smthing.....and FYI QNET do believe in helping people and there are lakhs of live examples of first look at the facts and den say

  12. Dear Kabajjo Patrick,

    Thank you so much for this blog.

    I have joined this in july 2013. Like everyone, i was also doubting the business, will it work for me or not? read lot of views on internet, few positives & few negatives. But ultimately, i have seen people making it big from q net. All i can say, go & grab the opportunity of lifetime.

  13. Did you say scam?
    People INVEST" in stock market where
    They don't know the owner of the company via which they trade
    The office does not belong to company
    The person who gives "TIP" is totally unknown to you and also to mention he may or may not have a single penny invested in the market.he is on a salary of not more than 20-25 thousand and on his tip people trade for a value of lacs and lacs of rupees and lose the entire money in a single day or in very few days.
    That market is totally unpredictable and volatile and the reasons are totally unknown and overall economy of the whole country goes on a toll.
    Isn't that a scam?

    But here if the company gives you a world class products and also an opportunity to improve your lifestyle and prosper overall and you call it a scam?

    I am not a smart person but neither am i a stupid person that i cant understand the difference between a scam and an opportunity.


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