Sunday, September 30, 2012

INSIGHT: V-Con 2012 Takeaway

The month of September saw many changes in QNET, most of which happened during "the week that was V-Con"(as I like to call it!), QNET's annual training event that took place in Indonesia. Like some, I was unable to attend this years event, but due to advances in social media, I like many others was able to keep up to date with the proceedings.

Like I stated in my early post, the V-Con is  the flagship event of The V. It a gathering of top-notch industry trainers coupled with QNET's own Independent Representatives to share experiences and learn from one another. This years V-Con saw a gathering of over 8000 participants all gathered in one place for the purpose of learning and witnessing all the wonders QNET has to offer.

Thanks to the V-Indonesia official website, I would like to share some of my insights that I have taken away from the V-Con this year.

There are days when I am struck by doubt of whether QNET is really the best company to have joined, but events like the V-Con help to re-affirm my convictions. This years V-Con saw a gathering of 8000 IR's, both new and old IR's, from all walks of life and cultures. This, I believe, just goes to show that QNET is an ever growing company and I am blessed to be a part of it.


My second insight I took away from the V-Con has to do with Belief. It was truly inspiring to see just how much every one who attended had a strong belief that QNET would lead them to their dreams. As I have come to learn, it is not enough to just dream about your future, you have to believe you can achieve it and it's that belief that I was able to see in the faces of the IR's who attended this years V-Con.



My last insight I was able to take away  from this year's V-Con was the realization that unlike other direct selling companies that offer the same products all year round, QNET strives to improve their product range and introduce even more revolutionary products to offer to their customers. This is another factor that shows me that QNET is an ever growing company and shows no signs of stopping.

From the stories I have heard from IR's who attended the V-Con, it is clear to me that I not only missed out on the fun, but also missed out on the great training from industry leaders. And experiences like those don't come very often. If you are reading this and like me were not able to attend this years V-Con, I hope to see you at next year's V-Con, where ever it may be held, as I plan to do what ever it takes to be there.


  1. QNET can really take you places, its such a huge opportunity. nice post Patrick.


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