Saturday, April 23, 2011

IN-VOICE: Communication Made Easy

From as early as 3500BC till today, communication has played a major role in the development of human relations and most of the tools used to communicate have evolved from cave drawings to the modern tools such as the internet. 

Today, it is so simple to stay in touch with loved ones and so cheap to stay connected to your business partners. But it is also easy to be confused by all the technology, rate plan options, and high-tech gadgets that are on the market, leaving you baffled as to how to find a solution that best fits you, your lifestyle, and your needs. Not to mention all those hidden costs that start to show up on your bill after you’ve already signed the contract.

In-Voice, a telecommunication service offered by QNET, is your effective solution to take the confusion and risk out of the telecommunications equation and makes your choice simple, easy, and personal. In addition to In-Voice’s exclusive and innovative hardware, software and capabilities, In-Voice also carefully selects from leading communication devices and technology that are on the market. This creates a product offering and range of services that can cater to individual needs, preferences and even circumstances. Some of the many benefits of owning an In-Voice account include;

Staying conveniently connected anytime and anywhere. In-Voice provides you, the customer, with a unique callback number that only you have access to. With this personal number, you can call anyone anywhere at any time at a fixed rate. Frequent flyer travelers can take advantage of their own In-Voice personal UK number and use it as a global phone number by forwarding incoming calls that are made to your UK number on to a local number. 

No need for an internet connection to enjoy the cost-saving benefits of In-Voice Callback. This is what makes In-Voice Callback the most popular feature of the In-Voice package. In-Voice Callback works on your mobile phone as well as land-lines.

In-Voice also provides you with an all-in-one telecommunication solution tailored to your needs. Use your land line, mobile, personal computer, In-Voice exclusive hardware or software, and even pay phones to make calls anywhere and anytime. In-Voice is both flexible and convenient. The choice is yours.

The convergence of technologies and services allows you to save up to 80% on your telecommunication expenses. There are even ways to stay connected for FREE! If you make calls to another invoice number or you are both connected using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), your calls will not be charged.

With the introduction 
In-Voice CLI-CK Cards, 
In-Voice opens another window of golden opportunity for you. If you are an In-Voice account holder with sufficient credit, with just a few clicks, you can now issue and sell CLI-CK Cards/PIN numbers from your In-Voice account to retail customers and earn instant retail profit! These cards work as most callback service cards do. They give a retail customer specific minutes and limited access to your personal UK telephone number. When their minutes run out, their access to your number is terminated.

These are just some of the many benefits of owning an In-Voice account. Gathered together in one online place for your ease of shopping comfort, In-Voice also offers top-rate customer support and after-sales service, inexpensive variety, and simple, easy-to-understand explanations of innovative technology, meaning you can talk all day, everyday, and you won’t have to dread the bill! 

So how much does this package cost? The In-Voice Value package costs only US$ 340. Enjoy these and many more benefits of owning the IN-VOICE package today. Head on over to the QNET website and make your purchase TODAY.

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