Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why Own The Amezcua Bio Disc 2?

I was recently asked by a prospect, "I boil my drinking water everyday, isn't it safe to drink? Why do i need the bio disc and the structured water it helps create?" To better understand why owning the Amezcua Bio Disc is beneficial to you, let's first understand the basics of the structure of water and water tension.

The human body is 55 to 75 percent water. This water is structured. Normal daily activities, even breathing, use up a lot of water. The muscles and organs need constant replenishment. The primary and most important function of water is to hydrate your cells with the two chemical elements in water – hydrogen and oxygen. The key to proper hydration is that all of the molecules made of hydrogen and oxygen in the water are absorbed and assimilated into your cells. Oxygen and water are needed every second for the body to operate. 

How completely and thoroughly water is absorbed into your cells depends upon the purity of the water and if the structure of the chemical elements in the water are organized or chaotic. Organized (structured) water clings or adheres to itself but disorganized water breaks apart or beads up. 

Here is some basic knowledge on water tension. A liquid with a high surface tension has a sharp and tingly after bite to the human sense of taste because the chaotic (disorganized) molecules of the liquid come in conflict and do not blend with the structured and organized liquids with a low surface tension surrounding the tongue and mouth. The tingly or sour after bite of a liquid with a high surface tension is the first form of information and defense to the individual.
A liquid with low surface tension has a smooth and silky sensation to the human sense of taste because the structured and coherent molecules in the liquid combine and blend effortlessly with the structured and organized molecules with a low surface tension surrounding the tongue and mouth. The smooth, silky and flowing sensation of a liquid with a low surface tension is the first and most important indication that partial or total absorption of the hydrogen and oxygen molecules of the liquid will occur.

Regretfully most of us are not aware that water with a high surface tension and holding chemical elements other than hydrogen and oxygen and having a tingly after bite will not be absorbed by the cells in their bodies but only sloughed off into vital organs and systems. The impure water with minerals and high surface tension will be merely flushed out of the body. However, quite often not all of the unused and unwanted minerals are flushed out and will collect in the lymphatic system, kidneys and bladder therefore causing complications in those systems and organs.

So, why do you need to own the Amezcua Bio Disc 2?

As I explained in my earlier blog, the Amezcua Bio Disc 2, much like it's predecessor, generates a spinning frequency which helps restructure the molecules of any liquid it comes in contact with. This act of restructuring of molecules allows the liquid to hold more oxygen as it now has a low surface tension. If water is the liquid in question, pouring water over the Bio Disc creates oxygenated water. Oxygenated water is water that is infused with oxygen in an effort to increase oxygen in the bloodstream. A benefit to oxygenated water is the energy boosts provided to the body. Oxygenated water aides in the oxygenation of blood cells, hydration of cells and tissues, transportation of nutrients, detoxification and elimination of wastes, immune system activation, slowing the aging process and promotes fat burning. 

Take freshly squeezed juices for example. These juices from most fruits have a low surface tension but after a few hours the molecules of the liquid fruit degenerate to chaos and have a high surface tension, thus creating the tingly taste. By pouring the same fruit juice over the Bio Disc 2, the frequency generated restructures it's molecules, which in the process lowers it's surface tension making the fruit juice taste fresh and smooth again. This is true for all liquids, foods, creams, food oils, cigarettes and even fuel. 

Drinking structured liquids such as water has health benefits that include having more energy, being able to avoid viral and bacterial infections, and other pathogens. Structured water also helps oxygenate and hydrate blood cells and tissue, detoxification, immune system activation and support, slowing the aging process, and even weight loss by promoting fat burning.    

Boiling water before drinking is advisable, don't get me wrong, but all that does is kill off harmful bacteria. Drinking pure water is not enough any more too, because pure water with no structure is not absorbed by the cells in your body. But structured water once boiled and even made pure still retains it's molecular structure and is safe to drink. 

If you were given the choice of drinking a glass of ordinary boiled water or a glass of structured boiled water, which option would you take?

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