Wednesday, May 25, 2011

QNET A Stable Business Or Not?

I recently received an email from a friend of mine who is a skeptic about the network marketing industry and QNET. This is what he had to say "If the whole world were to join today, isn't it true the last people to join wouldn't make any money? And also, if this opportunity were genuine, why don't they (QNET) sell reasonable priced items like cars instead of overpriced jewelry? Best way forward is to start your own company."

A phrase he used caught my attention.  It was "the last people". This world people keep talking about will never end because people are in the process of reproduce. For every five seconds, there is a baby born into this world and every baby born is a potential client...think about that before you start stating comments such as "If the whole world were 2 join today...last people to join....." There are over 16 billion people and counting in the world, with different wants and needs. This opportunity has over fifty products to choose from. There is no way that "all the people in the world" will buy the same product. And even if they bought a product today...sooner or later they will want another and in QNET you can buy that other product. The cycle keeps repeating itself over and over. There is always market. People keep assuming there is only one product offered in QNET. You have to keep in mind that not everybody is satisfied with one product.

Now about reasonably priced goods. This business opportunity doesn't just offer jewelry products, QNET also offers vacation packages, telecoms and health packages among others. Let us take the health package for example. How much do you spend on health care right now? Those tablets and injections you pay for every time you fall sick. Am sure if you tally the results  you spend more that $500 a year. Wouldn't it be beneficial to you to buy a health product that cuts down that cost?

 Then there is the "car" issue. People ask all sorts of alternatives that they would rather pay for. To explain this point, let us stick to the car. Okay, so you get the car, QNET will not help buy your fuel, the business will not pay your servicing fees, insurance......why not buy something that will last a lifetime, gain more value, and have less maintenance cost to your wallet? I tend to find that prospects, when presented the QNET business plan, tend to think short term rather than long term.

Sometimes too they think it doesn't make any sense financially for the manufacturer to sell their products in this fashion. If that was the case, how come QNET is still in business after 12 years with over 2 million members? People are still buying vacation packages and "expensive jewelry" even as you read this post. It is actually cheaper for a company to sell their goods through network marketing. Do you know that a typical manufacturer or business spends a big portion of their budget on advertising? In network marketing the cost is cut down because now instead of paying millions to advertising agencies every time the manufacturer wants an ad aired or printed (and these ads may never be seen by the public), they get to pay less than 42 dollars every time someone buys their product. Below is a diagram to explain how the costs are broken down.

As for starting your own business, i should tell you that is not as easy as you may think. I know because i have a car hire business of my own and an internet cafe. There is a lot more involved in starting your own business. Its very easy to say "Best way forward is to start your own" but after paying rent, getting a license, advertising, and so you know where you end up? Broke! and this cycle goes on for at least a year and a half.

Don't believe me? Lets take an internet cafe business for need computers, good ones that will last more than a year and most times you need more than five. You will also need cables to network these computers, ahhh then there is the network hub you need to buy, ohhh and the modem or satellite dish(for faster surfing speeds), then there's the internet bill to think about....wait...I've forgotten the tables for the computers and the chairs for the customers! That's not all....there's the trading license(don't want it to be an legal business). There's that tiny issue of rent and the electricity bill to think about and also the electrician's bills, the carpenter's bills...i think you get the picture now...the list is endless, How much do think it all costs? You need more than $700 if you want to open a good internet cafe. How much is it to join the QNET business opportunity again? $420. "Best way forward is 2 start your own" is true BUT only if you have more than $1000 in your pocket. Do you? QNET takes care of all the overheads involved such as shipping, stocking, leaving you with the only thing that matters, talking to people.

I was just like many of you before i started in QNET. As i mentioned earlier i have other businesses in my name, which i started before i was introduced to QNET and the world of network marketing. I realized something important in my years as an entrepreneur, you can never gain rewards without risk, and this business opportunity is such low risk compared to starting your own business on borrowed money, which by the way, you will end up borrowing from a bank or family members just to keep afloat for a year or two.

I hope this post has been beneficial to you and if you have any comments or questions please feel free to post them or email me directly.

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