Monday, January 14, 2013

Six Reasons Why QNET Is The Right Business For You

I recently came to the realization that explains why I for one support the QNET business. Here it is; QNET is the only company that truly provides their representatives with all they need to succeed and live their lives to the full. First let me ask you this question...Where do you see yourself in 5 years? The answer varies from person to person, but I reckon you envision yourself living a life of of good health, modest luxury with no shortage of cash flowing into your wallet, in control of your time, getting that dream job you have always wanted, spending more time with your family and friends, owning the home and car of your dreams,  taking that vacation you've been dreaming of...guess's all possible with QNET. Let me try and show you how.

If good health is what you need, QNET offers you quality products such as The BioDisc 2, Amezcua Chi Pendant 2, FiberFit, NutriSky, Ole Olive Leaf Extract, inShape. With a one time purchase of the Amezcua BioDisc 2, you enjoy benefits such as having your body absorb nutrients it needs to function by locking the free radicals in everything you eat, having food last longer reducing your need to purchase perishables continuously thus reducing your shopping budgets, attaching the E-Guard to electronic devices around you and wearing the Chi pendant 2 protects you from the harmful effects of e-smog. Daily intake of FibreFit, well that goes without saying, increases your fibre intake no matter what food and drink you take with it which reduces your risk of getting conditions like diabetes, constipation, etc. The same is true with NutriSky, Ole, inShape, AirPure, HomePure...As far as your health is concerned, you are covered with QNET's wellness and nutrition products.

If you are looking to have control of your time and still have cash flowing into your wallet, by this I mean not having to rush to the office because you now work from home or maybe having the power to decide when to work, I am happy to inform you that with the comprehensive QInfinite plan this is possible. The beauty of the QNET business is that all you need to do to start earning passive income is FIND 2 people! Surly you can think of at least 2 people in your life who you feel would benefit from the QNET product selection and/or business. Talk to them and if it turns out they are happy where they are in their lives, they in turn might know of two people each who aren't. You started out with two prospects and have now found yourself with four more. It's that easy. Whoever you find who isn't ready to join knows two people who are. Once you do find your two, all you have them do is duplicate your system.

If you are waiting for your dream job, why not wait or hunt for it with the knowledge that even without the job, you still earn passive incomes. That's the beauty of owning a business. In this instance, you will have to foster a team of leaders. Leaders are those people who, even without your presence will push their own business forward. In QNET, all you need to start earning massive incomes is two leaders, one on the left and one on the right of your tracking centre table. And here's the best part, there is a leader in everyone. All they need is proper training and with QNET's training events and better yet their introduction of the Swiss eLearning Institute program, anyone willing to answer the call of becoming a leader need only apply (which in turn earns you BV points thus earning you even more commissions!)

If you wish to spend more time with your family or loved ones, aside from owning your own minimum risk business which has the potential to run itself when you decide not to work, QNET provides you, the IR, with their new QVI Points packages. Unlike the QVI Club and Q-Breaks packages that can be purchased by anyone irrespective of them being in the business or not, QVI Points is a package specifically designed to be used by QNET IR's. It's a way cheaper alternative which gives the IR full flexibility to customize their holidays. As always, you are not restricted and can still run your business on your holiday because you will always meet other vacationing families who would also want to enjoy the benefits you enjoy from these packages.

If owning material items like houses, cars, yachts, etc is what you desire, then QNET is your choice because this wonderful company is the only one in the world that will pay you  US$ 20,100 per week per tracking centre. How is this possible? In QNET, every time you make a qualifying product purchase you are awarded a new tracking centre. And to earn commissions from that new tracking centre, you are required to FIND 2. QNET provides new IR's with 2 FREE tracking Centers that can be activated the first time they join the business. So basically QNET is willing to pay up US$ 60,300 every week! Want to see proof of this, visit the the QNET Achievers Club page on this blog.

With QNET the sky is NOT the limit. You can aim higher, achieve more, comfortably donate to your favourite charities and best of all you can transfer ownership of your business when you are done to your loved ones and they will take over your business from where you left off. Your QNET business can be transferred down three generations. So you not only achieve success but you ensure that your family enjoy the fruits of your labor. No matter what your status may be when you first join this business, QNET provides you with the products and services to let you enjoy your life to the fullest and reach your highest potential and then "pass on the torch" to someone more capable to soar even higher.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I see myself being my own boss and in business with you beside me as we enjoy all the benefits this QNET business has to offer. If you wish to join with me and share in my dream, all you have to do is . Let us work together to fulfill our dreams.

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