Friday, June 13, 2014

REVIEW: FibreFit

Since the introduction of retail product to QNET's eStore, I have been fascinated by a couple of products they have on offer. One such product is called Fibrefit. I have had a chance to try out this product and today I would like to share my insight and review.

Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet, we know this to be fact and yet it still is one of the few food groups people seem to neglect. I still recall the days in my younger years when my mum would force me to eat my vegetables. In fact she would not let me leave the table until I was done eating them. Back then I didn't understand what all the fuss was about. Today though my appreciation for this particular food group has grown mainly because I was told by my doctor not so long ago that I was pre-diabetic and that one of the things I needed to change was my diet, particularly increasing my fiber intake.  The introduction of FibreFit in the QNET eStore was a welcome addition on my part.

FibreFit is made from 100% natural organic dietary fibre from Gum Acacia, a natural plant source high in fiber, calcium and prebiotics. It has NO added sugars, NO artificial sweeteners, NO colors, NO flavors or additives. When added to food or drink, it does not change the texture or modify their taste. But that’s not why I personally recommend this product. I recommend it because just three sachets of this FibreFit has more fibre than; 10 bowls of Oatmeal, 6 cups of Broccoli, 15 apples, 13 carrots, 50 slices of Wheat bread and 37 cups of Blueberries. Parents, if you are tired of force feeding vegetables down the throats of your kids, FibreFit are the answer. 

My recommendation to anyone who wishes to try out this fibre supplement is to take it slow. One sachet a day until your body gets used to the extra fibre. I took 3 in a day as recommended on the packet and regreted it for the next 2 days as I spent my days in close proximity to a toilet! NOT FUN! FibreFit costs US$ 26 and can be purchased from the QNET eStore here.