Wednesday, November 7, 2012

INSIGHT: Bitter Truth Of Life After Graduation

It wasn't long ago that earning a bachelor's degree virtually guaranteed solid job opportunities for graduates to launch careers in their chosen professions. It's a different era now, and college graduates no longer can expect to transition quickly from campus to the working world. Half of college graduates in the class of 2012 around the globe are either jobless or underemployed. Nowadays graduates are told to consider applying their education to different jobs and not think that there is a guaranteed straight line to their dream job after graduation.

Like they say; Graduate is a fancy word for unemployed.

The graduates of 2012, all half a million of them just in the UK alone, will leave university and move into arguably the most competitive jobs market ever. Saddled with debt, many of their qualifications undervalued and in a time of austerity, it really is a bleak reality. The last half-decade has not been good to graduates. Only a half of those who graduated since 2006 are now employed full time, according to a Rutgers University survey.

It makes me wonder why, in some countries, graduating students are given the opportunity to purchase personal liabilities like cars and homes on credit. Seriously, where are they supposed to get money to the pay for all these goods? I call these liabilities because they require money to maintain, money which clearly they don't have and may never get in time to make the required payments. It's madness and the crazy thing is, I see it happening all the time.

Graduates are finding themselves with debt they can't pay,
some with the jobs they already have.  

There is a great delusion that blinds us into thinking that after we graduate we need to drive the latest cars, own the latest gadgets, live in apartments we clearly cannot afford and we are all so eager to take the deals that come flying our way. WAKE UP...first secure a source of steady cash flow before you buy things you clearly cannot afford. Let me not even get started with those with hefty loans that need to be paid. It's high time we all realise that things are not going to get better anytime soon. You can hope and pray that things go your way or you can be proactive and do something about it.

If you fall under the unemployed bracket, there are only two viable options I can see; You can swallow your pride and opt to accept a job that offers less salary irrespective of your many academic achievements, which most others have done OR opt to start your own business that will provide you some cash flow. If you choose the second option, know that many hurdles have to be faced to get your new business up and running and most people are not willing to face them and is why they reluctantly take the first option.

The only jobs available to the unlucky don't pay nearly
enough to cater to their ever growing needs

Direct selling with QNET is a viable option to anyone that finds themselves unemployed and in serious need of income because through the trainings provided by the company, they provide relevant education and real world experience while giving them the flexibility they need while continuing their dream job search. No matter how long they continue with their QNET business, they will have learned valuable business, leadership and management skills that will help in the future.

Why join QNET and not start your own traditional business venture?

Cost: The cost you pay to join QNET to earning weekly commissions is far less than the cost you pay to start and maintain your traditional business venture. And being unemployed, I would figure that you would value the opportunity to spend less capital.

Flexible Hours:  As an IR of QNET, you can choose to work full-time or part-time, which is great if you have settled to work at a low paying job or are still interested in searching for your dream job.

Teamwork:  At the same time you will be part of a team that can provide support, companionships and share ideas and assistance and collaborate to help strengthen your business which inturn strengthens theirs.

Focus:  The main role of an IR of QNET is the promotion of products to find new customers.  There are a myriad ways this can be done; either in person, online, through party plans, networking events, etc.

Real world experience: By becoming a direct seller with QNET, you will gain a new perspective on the way the world works and gain experience in leadership, management and teamwork  that will inevitably be useful if you opt to get your dream job.

Lifelong relationships:  This is perhaps the most rewarding benefit of all because of all the many people you will get to meet and the friendships that will be formed from that. Who knows, because you have gained their trust, one of these new friends may link you to your dream job.

QNET has proven itself to be a leader in the direct selling industry. In their 14 year  history, with products like AirPure, HomePure, FibreFit, InShape, Physio Radiance, Amezcua Bio Disc 2, Force Ultimate watch, QVI Points, just to mention a few, they continue to provide their customers the best innovative products available in today's marketplace. With their powerful QINFINITE commission payment plan, QNET now gives their Independent Representatives 8 fantastic ways to earn; through retail profit, repeat sales points, early payout, 1st purchase profit, step commissions, rank advancement bonuses, year-round rewards and travel incentives.

The best time to join QNET is now...not tomorrow or when things pick up in the future...NOW. Whether you are unemployed and looking for cashflow or have a job and wish to secure your financial future, the QNET business opportunity is open to you so why not take it? Still can't  make up your mind, here is my last question to you...How badly do you want to get out of your rut? Answer that question and you'll have your answer of whether to register and become an IR or not.

If you are ready to make a stand and take control of your life, and share with me your story, tell me what you want to achieve in life and let me help you on your road to success. Here are some of my recommendations on Luxury, Travel and Wellness products to buy to get started with QNET. Visit the other pages of this blog to learn more about QNET or visit the official QNET website. Share your feedback and comments with me by leaving a comment below.

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