Thursday, May 24, 2012

INSIGHT: Personal BERNHARD H. MAYER Recommendations

With the many products and services QNET has to offer the world, you can be hard pressed for choice on what your first purchase should be. In this second installment  allow me to share with you some of my recommendations for anyone interested in owning a product from the Bernhard H. Mayer and Cimier luxury collections.

Confidence is Your Accessory

Elegant, sleek, polished and minimalistic design, accuracy of Swiss movement, and demonstration of an undeniable sense of style and self-confidence; with the Stella watch, there’s nothing else to wish for. This smart timepiece will tell your business partners all about you: intellectual business lady, confident and sharp-witted. Anti-reflective coating of sapphire crystal glass and a date window ensures your everyday efficiency.
Price: $ 680(Current Promotional Price)

Force Ultimate - Stainless Steel
Timepiece of Breakthrough Innovation

The newest pride in the Bernhard H. Mayer® Energy Series, the Force Ultimate Watch has inherited the same and powerful wellness functions as its predecessor, the Force Watch, but with a new modern touch of appearance. Featuring a contemporary design characterized by a black square-patterned dial face, this handsome gentleman’s timepiece accentuates your look and style with its large stainless steel case matched with black croco-print leather strap or stainless steel bracelet.
The Force Ultimate Watch has a built-in energy crystal that possesses positive energy wave forms proven to improve and harmonise energy levels of users. The energy crystal helps your body return to its most natural and interference-free state therefore improving your overall well-being.
Price: $1,140 

Imam Ali Palladium Coin Watch 
In High Tribute to the Exalted One

Splendidly capturing the architectural splendor and grandeur of the sacred shrine of the Imam Ali Mosque in the southern Iraqi city of Najaf is the Imam Ali Palladium Coin Watch that is now presented in the finest quality of numismatics and watch making.
A remarkable and luxurious innovative timepiece, the Imam Ali Palladium Coin Watch highlights the golden dome made of 7,777 tiles of pure gold and two 35-meter-high golden minarets of gold tiles that is reputed to be one of the holiest places for Muslims. Millions of pilgrims visit the Imam Ali Mosque to pay their homage to Ali each year.
Price: $1,350 (Current Promotional Price)

Himalayan Tri Angle Pendant
Optimise and Restore Your Body's Energy Equilibrium

The energy enhancing Tri Angle Pendant is a highly specialized ‘lens cut’ Himalayan crystal that helps optimize or restore your body’s energy equilibrium. Equally as beneficial and stylish for both ladies and gents, the Tri Angle Pendant is embraced by sterling silver with 5 micron rhodium plating, creating beautiful jewellery pieces with the natural properties of the Himalayan Crystal.
Price: $680

Himalayan Crystal Cross Pendant
The Mark of Energy

The brilliance of the Himalayan Crystal Cross Pendant is three fold. This magnificent adornment combines the energy-enhancing properties inherent in rare Himalayan Crystals, with the finesse and elegance of a fine jewelry piece, and the divinity and reverence of the symbol of the cross. The pendant is one of understated vivacity, with its symmetrical verve sitting primly on a Kautschuk cord to allow everyday wear. This is a pendant that enables its owner to feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside, with the natural properties of the Himalayan Crystal helping to optimize or restore the body’s energy equilibrium.
Price: $410

Forever Diamond Pendant
High Fashion in Love

Masterfully crafted from 18 K white gold, the Forever Diamond Pendant symbolizes the gentle tenderness that can be found between two people in love. The heart-shaped pendant is inlaid with a trail of black diamonds along one side and a path of white diamonds on the other, creating a fascinating juxtaposition between the two. Delicate curves infuse the pendant with a whisper of sweet romance, and the combined hues of the precious gemstones give the piece a sense of alluring mystery.   
Price: $1,190

Whether you are making a personal purchase or looking to gift that special someone in your life, you cannot go wrong with these and more exclusive selections from the Bernhard H. Mayer brand. Make your first purchase today. Head on over to the official QNET website and shop now. For an extra $30 why not sign up as an Independent Representative and enjoy the free business opportunity that allows you to market any QNET product or service for a lucrative commission. for more information.

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