Thursday, November 1, 2012

INSIGHT: My Favourite QNET Products

I am often asked by my prospects which product I would recommend them to buy to join QNET. The two products that come first in my mind are the Bio Disc and Chi Pendant combo. Maybe am biased, but my first recommendations to all my prospects who are interested in owning their own business but don't know what product they would like to own from QNET are the same products I first bought from QNET! This is mainly because I have first hand knowledge of the power of these two fantastic products. There are a myriad of other reasons and today I would like to take the time to share a couple of them with you.

The Amezcua Bio Disc 2 and Chi Pendant Combo

The Bio Disc and Chi Pendant combo, for all those that don't yet know, are energy products from Amezcua. They are created by fusing specific groups of minerals into glass, a process which allows the minerals to resonate at a frequency similar to that created by our own bodies. The frequency produced by these two products helps, in the case of the Chi Pendant, protect the body from e-smog and for the Bio Disc, helps boost the energy levels of the individual (Trust me, that's just the summarized version!). For more information on the Bio Disc, click HERE and for the Chi Pendant, click HERE.

Apart from all the benefits that Amezcua products provide, the number one reason I love these products is the fact that I can share their benefits with all my friends and family, benefits such as having food last longer in their fridges or stores and even taste better. By a simple act of giving someone a bottle of energized water, I know that they too will experience the benefits I get from using these products. I use this act as a "sampling" tool as I prospect to Find my 2 and it works great. With simple instructions on how to use the energy water, I know that the 500ML energy water that I freely give away is going to positively affect their lives as it does mine.

My friends and I, Mugisha Paul (left) and Lukwiya Eric (right),
just some of whom I share energy products with whenever I can.

The other reason the Bio Disc and Chi Pendant are the products I love is the fact that they help reduce my overall cost of living. In a post I wrote previously I showed a couple of ways just the Bio Disc helped do this. Click HERE to read more on that. There are a handful of other products, that I know of, that can do this at the scale the Bio Disc does it. And the fact that my Bio Disc will last for another 11 years...THAT'S HUGE. The thought that for the next 11 years my travel, medical, water, food costs, just to mention but a few will be reduced's a weight lifted off my shoulders that's for sure! And with dreams of living a financially free life, any product that can reduce on my cost of living till I get there is A-OK in my book!

Am not a huge fan of things hanging off my neck...not even neck ties...but I am totally comfortable wearing the Amezcua Chi Pendant because I know that it's not only protecting me from the harmful effects from the e-smog that surrounds us all but keeping me alert as I go through my daily routines. I use the Bio Disc with every thing that will be taken in by my body be it lotions, water or food because I know that my body will now have the ability to absorb the nutrients it requires to function effectively and flush out any excess due to the elimination of free radicals that are found in all products.

Oh ya...BTW this is me at the zoo looking at a you see it too?!

Like all other QNET products, the Bio Disc and Chi Pendant combo sell themselves. Because of the Amezcua Chi Pendant's uniqueness, people often walk up to me inquiring why am wearing a piece of glass around my neck. The same is true when I use my Bio Disc in public. People often wonder why I carry my own coaster around! Those who knew me before can attest to this, I was a shy guy. I had a big fear of approaching total strangers to share my business so it was a HUGE relief when I found out that I could use my products to capture the attention of my prospects and have them approach me instead!

These are just some of the reasons I love my Amezcua Bio Disc and Chi Pendant. There are other reasons but if I am to share all of them with you, this would turn into the longest post I have ever written on this blog and I wouldn't want to take up any more of your time. To cut a long story short, these two products have helped me greatly and I strongly believe if any product that you purchase not only helps you but also helps every one else in your life while not losing any value, then that is a great product to buy. Amezcua products do just that.

If you wish to experience the benefits of the Amezcua Bio Disc and Chi Pendant Combo, like I have, head on over to the Qualifying eStore from the official QNET website and for US$ 1,230 you too can own these fantastic products. Don't own your own business yet? Why not register to become an Independent Representative for QNET today by enrolling first before making your costs only US$30. Have any questions or feedback on what you have read here today, leave a comment below or directly.

QUESTION: Are you a QNET Independent Representative? Which is your favorite product? Provide your name with your answers in the comment box below.


  1. wow, nicely done, this blog is proffesional :)

  2. Thank you FreeZz Teo for the comment! Much appreciated!

  3. These two products are also booming in Indonesia. thx for sharing..we can feel your passion for the products and the business as well..

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  5. what is the differance between bio disc and biodisc2 from amezcua?
    and price of both disc to be shown openly ? pl reply soon...

    1. Thank you for your question. To answer it, I have written a detailed post and you can read it by following this link:


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