Sunday, March 18, 2012

INSIGHT: 6 Ways The Bio Disc 2 Can Help You Cut Down Your Expenses

There is no refuting it; we all wish to cut down on expenses. High inflation rates do not help the situation any. What used to be a necessity a while back has now become a luxury you cannot afford. I ask you then, if there was a way to greatly cut down on some of your monthly bills, would you want to know more?

Hopefully, if you are still reading this post you do and I will share with you exactly how the Bio Disc 2 can do this for you. In previous posts I explained all you needed to know about the Bio Disc and how it works. I was recently asked exactly why the prospect needed to buy the Bio Disc 2 and I realized that there is still more I needed to write about this fantastic product. Today, I will show you how the Bio Disc 2 can help you cut down in costs and still afford those "luxuries" you could no longer afford.

The Bio Disc 2 is predominantly a wellness tool. This means that it is used to promote a healthy living not cure disease. It can be used in conjunction with medication though to facilitate faster healing. So if you live in a part of a world prone to diseases, as I do, think of how beneficial this can be to you. No longer will you plagued by disease. Say goodbye to those high medical bills, not for you but if you share the Bio Disc 2 with your family, for them too!

The Bio Disc 2 is one of the few products out there in the market that can be used in consort with other products to make them even better. As i mentioned above, when used with medication, your healing process is greatly improved. Good news for your wallet in terms of reducing the amount of medication you need to buy if you do fall ill! This is great news too for those of you who are fans of taking food supplements.

When foods, meats, fruits and vegetables are rinsed in water energized by the Bio Disc 2, not only do they taste better and are more nourish-able because their nutrients become more absorb-able in your body, they also gain a longer shelf life. This greatly reduces your need to constantly purchase perishables weekly. Placing the Bio Disc 2 in your fridge has the same effect. I personally love placing 2 tightly sealed bottles of energized water in two extreme corners of my fridge (not freezer). It has the same effect and allows me to carry my Bio Disc 2 where ever I go!

Are you a fan of hand washing your laundry? Exactly how many buckets of water do you use? I bet you are not thrilled with your monthly water bill because of it. Not to worry. The Bio Disc 2 can help you there you too. Did you know that laundry washed in energized water gets clean faster. This helps greatly reduce on the amount of water and detergent you would normally use. How? Detergent mixed in water energized with the Bio Disc 2 has an improved molecular structure that better binds to dirt in to the laundry thus removing twice as much dirt as advertised.

Cosmetic product lovers the Bio Disc can help you too. Lotions energized by either letting them sit over night on the Bio Disc 2 or mixing them directly on the Bio Disc 2 are absorbed faster by the skin. This increases their efficiency and reduces the need for you to reapply them. This reduces the use of the lotions and in the long run reduces your buying costs as you find you do not need to constantly purchase more.

We are all subject to the high fuel rates, more so those who own vehicles that require refined  fossil fuels to operate. Here is a wildly know secret know by owners of the Bio Disc 2 that most people find hard to believe until they try it out for themselves. You may have heard about bio fuel and all its benefits, well with the Bio Disc 2 fossil fuel can become just as effective as bio fuel. Vehicles running on energized fuel require less fuel to run. This helps cut down on the amount of fuel you need to fill your tank, thus cutting down on fuel costs.

There is no refuting it; we all wish to cut down on expenses and with the Bio Disc 2 you can. So why don't you join the ever growing family of Bio Disc 2 users today and experience these and many more benefits. It's value clearly outweighs it's price and I can not wait for you to experience it for yourself. Head on over to the QNET website and make your purchase today.


  1. The cost of your bio disc is very high as compared to others.So why I will buy from you guys.same disc cost $99 and from your company it cost around $650

    1. Because you have a chance to make your money back & back if you wish to do so and get the opportunity of a lifetime

  2. Am not sure where your getting your information Anonymous, but the AMEZCUA BIO DISC 2 (The Amezcua Bio Disc 1 is not in production anymore) can only be purchased from QNET, as QNET holds the distribution rights.

    As you may well know, imitation is the highest form of flattery, and yes, there are some companies that claim to sale the same product at a cheaper price.

    Think about it for a moment though, there are replica Swiss watches, replica designer handbags and sunglasses and now there are replica Bio Discs! Don’t you think it means something? Am guessing you know the difference between, for example, an authentic iPhone and similar looking devices sold from unauthorised distributers, right?

    Replica items are not genuine. Their quality and properties are not guaranteed by the original manufacturer and brand owner. You don’t expect Prada handbags sold on the pavement of a street in your town to be authentic, do you?

    If you do opt to purchase imitations/replicas, that's your choice, but make sure the product your purchasing not only does what the the company says it does, but that it comes with certification prooving it's worth.

  3. If you are interested in purchasing the Amezcua Bio Disc 2 but can't afford the price tag that comes along with it, there are options available to you that I think you should look at before opting to risk purchasing cheap knock-offs.

    The Amezcua Pewter Bio Disc, for example, does almost the same things the bio disc does, only difference is it not being made of glass so it differs slightly in it's apllication when used. It's priced currently at $390.

    The Amezcua Lifestyle Set on the other hand, contains three energy discs; the Amezcua DRINK, Amezcua EAT and Amezcua MOVE, each created with specific energy frequencies that are exclusive to the particular application of each individual disc. It's priced currently at $420

    Visit to learn more.

  4. what is the differance of bio disc scalar energy disc and biodisc 2

    from amezcua? pl reply soon..

    1. Thank you for your question. To answer it, I have written a detailed post and you can read it by following this link:


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