Tuesday, March 20, 2012

QNET Infinite: 8 Ways To Earn Commissions

Have you ever asked "How do I earn commissions from QNET anyway?" Well as of 03 March 2012, all existing IR's where promoted over to the enhanced compensation plan at the QNET Gold Star Rank, offering IR's such as myself the potential to earn up to USD$ 37,500 @ week! However if you are new to QNET, you start at the Bronze Star Rank.

There are now eight ways to earn and up to 50% of the sales are paid out in commissions, a much higher maximum payout than before. There are also travel incentives and year-round rewards in store. Let us look more closely at the eight ways to earn commissions that are available today.

Retail Profit: Selling QNET products directly to retail customers earns you a retail profit. A retail customer purchases a product from QNET but opts not to join the business. Retail profit is the difference between the customer's retail price and the discounted Independent Representative (IR) price.

Repeat Sales Points (RSP): From every sale of repeat products to retail customers or direct referrals you now earn the designated points which can be converted into either cash or business volume (BV). RSP's are automatically computed and can be easily managed in the virtual office offered by QNET to all IR's.

Early Payout: This payout applies only to the first cycle and step and is paid according to the commission schedule. one commission cycle includes six step Commissions, worth a total of US$ 1,250 plus 10EP (eVoucher Points). It's important to note that there are no limits to the number of commission cycles you can complete.

First Purchase Profit: As a referrer you will receive the first purchase profit from the qualifying retail sale/purchase made by your new personally sponsored IR. The first purchase profit is the difference between the price of a new IR's first purchase (made at retail price) and the IR discounted price.

Step Commission: As an IR of QNET your focus will be on developing a base of customers and helping your new downline generate volume through sales. The step commission is calculated from your placement tree, which has two legs. You are compensated based on successfully building sales volume within the placement tree. As your group begins to grow, you are entitled to receive weekly commissions based on the volume generated on your lower-volume leg and the allowable commission amounts per tracking center determined by your active rank.

Rank Advancement Bonus: With rank advancement in the Step Commission, you can be rewarded with up to US$ 60,300 per week! As you grow and advance in rank, the amount paid per step increases, the number of weekly steps allowed increases and the maximized weekly payout can be achieved.

Year-Round Rewards: One of the most exciting ways to earn is with special cash and business incentives for you and your organisation (downline), periodic discounts on best-selling products and more! Interesting and meaningful promotions spark growth, fuel volume and capture the imaginations of all QNET IR's. Another exciting reward gives you access to some of QNET's most popular products without spending a cent! The QNET eVoucher which is awarded to you everytime you complete a Step Commission Cycle makes this possible. These accumulated eVoucher Points (EPs) are your currency for products in the QNET Redeem eStore.

Travel Incentives: Life is to be enjoyed and important milestones deserve to be recognized  To help savour the journey, the rich experience of travel is the crowning jewel in the QNET compensation plan. Enjoy some of the world's most exciting and exotic destinations with the QNET annual rewards trips. Either take some well-deserved time out, embark on an adventure, or use your trips as a business opportunity to grow your borderless organisation.


Seriously if ever there was a time to join QNET, it's NOW! It really does not get any better than this! Okay, QNET may get creative later and get better but you get my point! The products, they speak for themselves. If you do not believe me, read my previous blog posts. If you still need time to think it over just remember, TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE. It really does not and the more time you take making the final decision to join my ever growing family, the more you lose out on a now massive earning potential.

If you have further inqueries on this subject matter, I welcome you to leave a comment below and I will get back to you. All emails are welcome too, if you prefer a more personal dialogue. If you, on the other hand, are ready to grab the bull by the horns and join my QNET family, head on over to the official QNET website and REGISTER TODAY.


  1. what is lower-leg volume?

  2. Hello Romeo, lower-leg volume is the total number of commissionable unit volumes(CUV)generated by your direct and indirect downlines.

  3. Update: It's no longer referred to as commissionable unit volumes. It's now termed as Business Volume(BV). The same concept applies though.


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