Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How To Join QNET As A Retail Customer First: PART 1

"I would like to try out the Bio Disc 2 for myself first before i join you in your referral business. Is that possible?" I was recently approached with this question and i realized that while most QNET IR's promote joining the business first before purchasing a product, it is possible to buy the product first, and then later join the business if you so wish.

Most IR's, such as myself, are trained by their uplines upon signing up to sell the idea of owning a business together with owning a product. It does make the duplication process easier down the line but it's not the only way to join QNET. In this two part post, I will show you, step by step, how a retail customer can later join the business after owning the product.

If you are interested in purchasing a product like the Bio Disc 2 first, just head on over to the official QNET website, select the "BUY NOW" or "Go Shopping" buttons, select the country you currently reside in and select the "SHOP NOW" option. You will be directed to another pop up window to start your hoping expirence. Confirm the IR, and click on Shop now button.

The Product Category page will pop up (NB: Popup's must be allowed on your browser). Select your desired category and you will be sent to a page showing all the products and their prices. You can still search through other categories by clicking on the Category tabs. Once you have decided on a product of your choice, select it by clicking on "Add to Cart" box alongside the product. Click on the Add To Cart button when done shopping.

On the Shopping Cart page, confirm that you understand to the Terms and Conditions, select the currency you will be making the purchase in. There are currently only two options available; US Dollar or Euro. Click the Checkout button. You are almost done, just a few steps remaining.

Verify the order and shipping details and click on the Continue button to move on. You will be sent to a Payment option page where your select the mode you will be making your purchase. Two options are available to you, QNET eCard or Credit Card. For this post, let's assume you are using a credit card. You will be directed to a page to fill in your credit card details. Once done confirming your details, a Receipt page will appear signifying your successful transaction.

Check your email that you used when filling in your shipping details. A copy of the reciept will be sent to that email. Details on pickup of your product will be sent to your email too. Print out the receipt as you may need to show this when you do pickup your product as proof of purchase. Congratulations, you are now a proud owner of a QNET product.

This concludes part one of this post, stay tuned for part two as i show you how, if you are a retail customer, you can sign up to QNET and enjoy the benefits of referring your product to others. if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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