Tuesday, April 17, 2012

QNET Infinite: Step Commission Explained

QNET recently introduced eight different ways to earn commissions and if you heard of QNET from a friend or stranger, then it is likely that you have been briefed on what the step commission is. If however you have never heard of it or you just require some clarification, this post is meant to give you a summary of some of the key features the new enhanced plan has to offer. Okay, let us get started.

QNET's step commission utilises a balanced binary plan. A binary plan, if you do not know, is a compensation plan which allows distributors to have only two front-line distributors. If a distributor sponsors more than two distributors, the excess are placed at levels below the sponsoring distributors front-line.

Distributors must ‘balance’ their two down-line legs to receive commissions, and in QNET's case, distributors are required to have a minimum of 500 BV's on either side of their down-line legs in order to recieve commissions.

Commission payout is no longer based on the accumulation of commissionable unit volumes (CUV's), but rather the accumulation of business volumes (BV's). Each product offered by QNET now has a unique business volume. To recieve weekly commissions, distributors and their teams are required to accumulate a minimum of 3,000 BV's, and depending on rank may recieve USD 200 to USD 300 per week.

NOTE: IR's must be qualified and activated in order to start earning step commissions.

Depending on the size of a distributor's team they may aquire more than 3,000 BV's a week. It is for this reason that QNET now affords each distributor, depending on their rank, a maximum number of step commissions per tracking center. For example, if the distributor in new to the business, they are awarded a Bronze Star. The payout of this rank per step (accumulation of BV's) is USD 200. The maximum number of steps afforded to this distributor per week is 40. In this case, his/her maximum payout per week will be USD 6,800.

Upon accumulation of 3,000 BV's in a step , on both sides of a downline leg, a new cycle begins. There are 6 commission steps in 1 cycle. The payout increases as rank advances. Steps 1 to 5 will be in monetary value. At step 6  of each cycle, the payout will be in eVouchers, which are equivalent to 10 eVoucher Points (EP). These points can be used to redeem exclusive products in the QNET Redeem eStore.

BONUS: For all you people out there worried that you cannot accummulate the required 3,000 BV's, QNET has introduced the early payout. The Early Payout plan applies only to Cycle 1, Step 1 of any Qualified and Activated Independant Representative and is paid according to the commission schedule. Here is how it works;

If a new IR acquies their first 1,000 BV on both the left and right side of their tree by either directly reffering people or through retail purchase, they are paid USD 50 in commissions. Another 1,000 BV on both sides of their tree (TC table of left and right) earns them another commission of USD 50. If they yet again accummulate another 1,000 BV on both sides of their tree, they will earn USD 100, which brings the total earned income to USD 200. This also ends their 1st step commission cycle. NOTE: This example illustrates the payout to IR's under the Bronze Star Rank

There you have it, all the key features you need to know about QNET's enhanced Step Commission. For a more details about QNET's enhanced compensation plan, I would prefer you email me directly. If you have comments or feedback please feel free to leave a comment below. Before I forget, here is a video by Mr TG Kintanar, a V Partner and Director of IT and Telecommunications QI Group of Companies, as he explains the QInfinite Compensention Plan. ENJOY.


  1. I have some doubt about this new plan...

    If i understand well, your generale commissions are no more 250 USD but...200 USD. Unless you buy or make your downlines buy more and more products.

    They are already expensive, it is difficult to make one sell. So make them buy every months ou two months changes everything.

    We earn less than the earlier plan and must make people buy more to get more money...The big point of qnet was that people had to buy ONLY once to have commissions. Now this is the case no more.

    I really don't like this plan. I don't know why they say it is a better plan.

    Best regards


  2. Thank you for your feedback Luca.

    Just like you, I too had my doubts about the new plan. But with careful study and help from my upline I slowly began to understand the benefits of this new plan.

    Yes, the starting commission has been reduced by 50$ for all Bronze star rank member, who happen to be all new members signing up to the business. Step commission rises as your rank rises, and your rank rises due to the efforts you put in growing your business ie: by introducing direct referrals into your business. More on this on my upcoming blog.

    The business plan has not changed. You don't have to make anyone buy more products. Repeat purchase is just an option for anyone interested in purchasing more of the same products they love. These products are mostly consumable, meaning that the supply runs out in time, unlike products like the BIO Disc 2 or Jewelry, etc.

    It is still your choice to decide which product you wish to promote and how you run your business. If you are finding it hard to make one sell, I invite you to signup for my newsletter, where I share tips that could help you make more sales.

    I have found that the term "expensive" is often misleading. A product or service is only "expensive" to a person who has no real need for it. And as far as buying more product is concerned, people can still purchase one product inorder to join the business. You don't need to make anyone buy more product. By the way, why "make" people buy? People should "want" to buy from you.

    If you are earning less, it might mean you have not fully applied yourself in your business. QNET pays big commissions to those who put more time and effort into running their business. Are you taking your business seriously?

    Don't get me wrong though, I totally understand your reservations towards the new plan, and if you let me, I can help you understand it better. As for why they say it's a better plan, that is an interesting topic for my next blog!




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