Sunday, April 15, 2012

QNET Infinite: Repeat Purchase Plan Explained

The official introduction of the QNET Infinite on 14TH April 2012 has led to a rise of new questions from prospects and IR's such as myself. I have taken it upon myself to clear up the cobwebs lingering in my head thanks in part to the new QInfinite Learning Club and my upline's assistance. I hope that by the end of this post, some of your own questions will have been answered.

When I joined QNET four yeas ago, the unique feature about the business at the time was it's concept of one time purshase. You only had to purchase one unique product from QNET's vast catalogue to become a member. This was, at the time, far different from other direct selling companies that required you to purchase consumable products on a monthly basis. This was great because it meant that you only had to invest once and focus on building your business. Any other purchases made would activate your other tracking centers or even award you more tracking centers.

NOTE: Think of tracking centres as office brunches. Each branch generates its own Business Volumes and gets paid a comission. So the more "branches" you have, the bigger the overall commission payout.

Am glad to say that this concept has not changed. You can still make one time purchases if you so desire. The introduction of the QInfinite Repeat Purchasing Plan caters to those of you out there who plan on making the same purchase of certain products every month. Products such as Amezcua Lifestyle Set, Salba, Fiber Fit, Ole, NutriSky, BioSilver Gel, Physio Radiance, etc are just some of QNET's consumable product line that need to be repeat purchased when your personal supply is close to running out.

How does the Repeat Purchase Plan work?

When you place an order, you are given four options on how you shop: you can choose to BUY NOW, if you do not plan to purchase your product on a regular basis, or you can choose one of the three BUY NOW + REPEAT options: monthly, every 2 months, or every 3 months.

If you click any of the three BUY NOW + REPEAT options, you are signing up for an easy and convenient way to shop for with the QNET Repeat Purchase Plan, recurrent orders will be automatically generated and the products will be shipped to you according to the delivery frequency you have selected, with transaction of payment automatically processed from your credit card on the day of your pre-selected delivery.

You have total freedom to decide when you want to start and when you want to stop your Repeat Purchase Plan. No hassles, no troubles and no hidden terms. You and your customers may choose one of three Repeat options to ensure that the frequency of your product delivery suits your lifestyle: every one (1), two (2) or three (3) months.

When you place your first order on the Repeat Purchase Plan, you will only need to pay for your first shipment. After that, QNET will automatically transact your credit card or Q Account on the day of your pre-selected shipment, based on the delivery frequency of the Repeat Purchase Plan that you have chosen.

And the best part is you can still earn commissions from repeat purchases made by any of your downline. You will earn the difference between the Repeat Retail Price and the Regular IR Price of every repeat purchases made by your retail customers.

As an IR of QNET, this is great news because even though the business volumes (BV's) created from repeat sales are lower than those generated from one time purchase products like the Amezcua BioDisc 2, those BV's generated by repeat sales accumulate thus leading to even greater weekly commission payouts. For more information about the Repeat Purchase plan, click here. If on the other hand you ready to join my team and partake in this fantastic opportunity, head on over to the official QNET website and register TODAY.

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