Tuesday, April 24, 2012

INSIGHT: QNET Is Not A Lottery!

One thing I have noticed with many people that I have spoken to is that they seem to be looking for that winning lottery ticket. They have no concept of what it really takes to become successful in network marketing. I have had to tell some prospects not to even think about joining my business because they were not ready and would ultimately fail! A network marketing business is a long term business and just like any business it takes time! And I have no time for the whiners and complainers! People like these will only bring any business down.

Some people join QNET with the perception that they are going to get rich by pushing a button!

They think they will be successful within their first few weeks and even more hilarious they think they will talk to 10 people or even less and hit it big.  Sometimes it is not their fault that they think like this! That is why it is super important that a sponsor such as myself does not make false promises to get them to join.

As a sponsor it is my job to inform my new recruits that they are going to have to work their business like it’s going out of style. It is so important that I get my prospects to see the same vision as i or their own unique vision. It’s important for me to find out their WHY in their business and if they are joining to have a hobby or if they want to earn serious money. Once I find this out then I need to ask them how far they would like for me to push them.

I do not know how many times I have been absolutely blown away by people in my business  I thought wouldn't make it that turned out to be ROCK STARS! It’s almost like the one’s you think are going to do it, never do and the one’s you think won’t, always do! You may even notice this trend as you continue through your growth in your business. Look at me for example I was probably the worst recruit ever!

I told my sponsor as soon as I joined QNET not to expect me to sell anything!

This was 4 years ago! I really wanted nothing to do with the networking part or the retail part! I told my sponsor point blank I would only consume the product and in the rare occasion that I should find a recruit, I would send them his way. Those were my exact words! Obviously I changed my mind as you can see.

Sadly this lottery mentality is very common in the network marketing industry. I have seen people jump from one opportunity to another all the time. Little do they know that there are three things that will bring them success in any network marketing business they choose. These are;

Making a decision to become successful. Not for the next month but for the long term! This is key! Think long term and think where you want to be in the next year to 5 years.

Investing in your skill set and taking action! This means being coachable and finding the right sponsor to coach you.  Find someone that has what you want!

Focus, Focus, Focus! Need I say more! Don’t go out and join a bunch of stuff this will actually make you very unsuccessful.


  1. Have you made your decision yet?
  2. Have you decided to be successful?
  3. Have you decided to invest one to two years of your life to becoming successful?
  4. Have you decided to be coach-able and learn as much as possible?
  5. Have you decided to never give up?

You should know by now that your success is not dependent on others! The only thing a sponsor such as myself owes you is the opportunity!

I used to feel bad when people would quit or say they are going to if they were not seeing the results they want!

I have grown a lot in my business and realized that the most important thing I can do is get someone going or get them going! That second part means NEXT! I do not waste my time with people that are short sighted because I know that the only thing I can do is inspire them. Whether it be through coaching and or doing. I only give to those and assist those that are serious about being successful in their business and I understand that success for anyone does not happen overnight.

I am not lucky! My sponsor does not do everything for me! I sure as hell didn't get to where I am by complaining or threatening to give up! I did it because I have invested in my skill set. I went through the struggles in the beginning and I decided to become successful. I persisted, I think positive, I know what I want and will stop for nothing until I get it! I have the passion and excitement! And most importantly I believe in all that I do! I believe that what I have is a gift! It is precious and life changing! I know that the million dollar check is on it's way!

So with all this being said do you see why I have no problem showing someone the door.

If you are thinking of joining me in QNET and plan not to talk to at least 1 or 2 people a day on the phone, at home, at work, via email, in transit, while shopping, getting your hair done (you get the point) about your new business you will never ever make it.

Success is never an accident! Success is a choice followed by action!

On a personal note as i end this post, I would rather have a prospect quit on their dreams now rather then later before I invest more of my time into them. I work with those that value my time because my time is worth millions to the right person, that is how serious I take my business. The amount of time and energy I have invested into increasing my skill set demands this level of dedication. People seek me out because they want what I have! This is attraction marketing at it’s best and why I love it so much! Email me if and when you are ready to join my team.

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