Monday, June 25, 2012

QNET Infinite: Rank Advancement Explained

Bronze. Silver. Gold. Platinum. Diamond. In real life, one is always better than the other. The same is true for QNET. With QInfinite, the new and improved compensation plan, every IR is given a CHANCE TO EARN MORE MONEY and get more recognition from the network. Each time you move rank, you start to earn more. This new system helps you pay more downlines and rewards you for all your hard work. In his recent video, Chief Pathman Senathirajah shows you how to move higher in the business and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

Incase you are not able to view the above video, here are the key points you need to know:

1- Step commission per rank rises. To qualify for a Step Commission, you are required to attain 3000 BV's on both the left and right side of your Tracking Center's (TC) table. This is done through making repeat purchases from the repeat store OR directly referring QNET products to your prospects.

2- One of the requirements to move up in Rank is the accumulation of 3000 BV's on both the Left and Right of your TC table.

3- All new Qualified and Activated IR's who move up from their starting Bronze rank to Silver rank are forever protected from falling back into the Bronze rank. This applies to all their movements up the Ranks. If they manage to reach, lets say, the Platinum rank and fail to maintain that rank for the next 13 weeks, they will fall back down to Gold rank and if they fail to main that rank too, they will find themselves back at the Silver ranking.

4- If you do not make an effort to move up in rank, your down-line may not as well. As Chief Pathman always likes to say, "Monkey see, monkey do!"

5- Maximized Step commission per TC is increased, for example, the Bronze rank payout per step is US$ 200 and  the allowed maximum steps for this rank is 40. This means the maximum payout an IR at this rank will earn is US$ 6,800 per week!

6- Several requirements need to be met in order to move up in rank. To move up from Bronze to Silver and then to Gold rank, a new IR only needs to refer a minimum of 3 direct referrals  (For more details on this, please directly and i'll get back to you.)

7- The purpose for these simple requirements are motivate you to always be switched on by always earning Repeat Sales Points (RSP) from repeat purchases and to be always networking by growing your organization and coaching your down-line to do the same.

Question: Why haven't you registered to become an IR of QNET? What are you waiting for? You are missing out on a great opportunity, because only QNET is willing to pay you US$ 20,100 in weekly commissions per tracking center when you attain the highest rank, the Diamond rank. If you are ready to take action and grab hold of this fantastic opportunity, before you head on over to the official QNET website and register to become an Independent Representative so that i may help you start your journey to success.


  1. just another piramid scheme. what do you do when you run out ofpeople to join???

  2. Just another pyramid scheme? Anonymous, if i may ask, do you know what a pyramid scheme is? Allow me to refresh your memory. In a pyramid scheme, no product or service is sold to the participants. Just a promise of earning more money than is initiatly invested. And on the rare occassion that products are sold, their value is not worth the initial investment paid to take part in the scheme.

    QNet SELLS products and services and offers INTERESTED customers the opportunity to earn commissions by REFERRING their PRODUCTS AND SERVICES to others. QNET products are purchased everyday and are vetted by organisations proving their worth.

    For the matter of running out of people to join, realistically that can never happen. WHY? There are new customers being born every DAY. As you read this comment today over 15 new customers have been born. Are you suggesting that the human race will stop propergating all at once at the drop of the hat???

    People do not have to join QNET. You are not and should not be forced into this business. People just have to buy the products. If for some GOD forsaken reason the human race stopped propergating all at once, the registered customers in QNet would still be buying products and earning themselves Repeat Purchase Points from the company which can be converted for cash.


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