Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Amezcua E-Guard: Protect Yourself, Balance Your Energy, Reduce Your Stress.

The Amezcua E-Guard is a unique wellness solution that provides protection for your body from the harmful effects of electro-smog exposure from mobile phones, computers, laptops, and televisions. Your E-Guards go wherever you go by discreetly attaching to your electronic devices. Thus the Amezcua E-Guard will not only help those affected by electro-sensitivities, but also act as a preventative measure for your future protection.

Today, most of us can hardly imagine a normal day without a mobile phone, a computer or television. According to a study released by the Council for Research Excellence, the average adult usually spends at least 8.5 hours a day in front of screens, including computers and televisions, which both produce a number of static electric fields and alternating electric and magnetic fields at various frequencies. In many countries, over half the population use mobile phones and the market is growing rapidly. 

CCS Insight, a major market research and analysis body focusing on mobile and wireless sectors, reports that more than ten billion mobile phones have been sold globally since 1994, including five billion mobile subscriptions since the start of 2011.  The unavoidable transmission masts and towers can already be found everywhere and the concern whether mobile phone radiation is dangerous to humans is no longer a myth. These convenient and useful devices have become fully integrated into our lives, where they definitely have their rightful place. Yet they also cause problems involved with their  usage.

Amidst the dynamics of the modern world a healthy body requires a lot of time and attention. Taking reasonable precautions is an important day-to-day thought for us all. The Amezcua E-Guard acts to assist even those already affected by harmful e-smog as well as providing a preventative measure for vital protection to the body. Combining two pioneering technologies, Human Firewall Technology and Energetic Programming, in one single chip, the Amezcua E-Guard works well with the characteristics of quartz minerals that helps absorb various radiation patterns and transform these into frequencies that are more compatible with biological systems.  An energetic value is additionally integrated into the Amezcua E-Guard to subtly transmit positive information maintaining the well-being of your body. 

Owning the Amezcua E-guard benefits you in the following ways:

  • Helps protect you from the negative effects caused by electromagnetic radiation (e-smog).
  • Helps activate and support your body`s natural defences and energy systems.
  • Makes you feel more focused and more energised.
  • You receive the positive informational effects and energy increases everytime your E-Guard comes into contact with your skin.

*As confirmed by Dr med. Manfred Deopp of the Holistic Center of Energy Medicine, Germany.
**The indicated symptoms may vary based upon individual and may not be a direct result of exposure to electromagnetic fields

With its easy-to-use design, attaching the Amezcua E-Guard to your everyday electronic devices allows you to take preventative action by engaging, activating and supporting your own body’s natural defenses and energy systems. Your protection goes wherever you go! With a price tag of US$ 124 and ONLY available at the Repeat Purchase e-Store, you can now own, share and enjoy this amazing product exclusively sold by QNET. or head on over to the QNET official website and make your retail purchase TODAY.

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