Tuesday, August 9, 2011

9 Points To Consider Before Joining Qnet

A lot of people keep asking me "Should I start a Qnet business? Is it really worth the risk and time involved?” Well, my answer to them is simple. I just turn things around and ask them these 9 questions.Take a shot at it and see where you stand!

1. Do you absolutely love what you’re doing right now for a living?

    If you’ve answered YES, then you’re probably not cut out for the Qnet Business.
    If your answer is a shrilling NO, it’s a good starting point.

2. Do you really look forward to Monday mornings?
    If you’ve answered YES, Qnet business may not be for you.
    If you’ve answered NO, you’re on the right track.

3. Are you living a lifestyle NOW, that you feel will inspire your children, assuming you have or ever will have kids?

    YES? Then you probably own some sort of  business already.
    NO? If you really want to set the right example for your kids in terms of living that dream lifestyle, let it start with you.

4. Are you OK with doing the same thing what you’re doing now to earn money for the next 20 years?

   YES? Good luck and know that many people envy you because most people hate their jobs.
   NO? you need a home based business like Qnet as soon as possible.

5. Are you OK with always asking someone permission to do the things you want; like taking a vacation, spending time with your family, attending a wedding or some function, etc.?

    YES? You’re the man! Perfectly suited to be an Employee for the rest of your life.
    NO? You’re the boss. Join Qnet today.

6. Do you believe that your company or boss will have as much loyalty to you, as you have towards them?
    YES? You are one of the rare few in this world, working in a dream company.
    NO? Join Qnet today and reap the benefits.

7. Are you OK spending more time with framed pictures of your family on your work desk, rather than the real thing?

    YES? Then I guess ‘Work is Worship’ for you and your priorities are different.
    NO? Start a Qnet business today so that you can get more time for yourself and your family.

 8. Are you OK driving in heavy traffic everyday for 3-4 hours a day for the next 10+ years?

    YES? Guess you have a lot to do in your car or you probably love your car so much!
    NO? Start working from home by joining Qnet.

9. Do you believe that you have a much higher purpose in life than just working for your boss/company?

    YES? Then get unconventional and start your own Qnet business.
    NO? Stick to your job and make your boss happy.

So meditate upon each of the questions above and if you’re able to feel any PAIN anywhere, it’s time that you seriously start thinking about Qnet. To find out more about Qnet, read this blog, post a comment, visit the QNET website, or email me directly.

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