Wednesday, July 20, 2011

INSIGHT: QNET Bad For Economy, True or False?

I recently received a comment from an anonymous source on one of my blog posts and was asked for my opinion on the matter. They stated, "Some say QNET has a bad effect on the national economy of the country". Before i give my opinion on the matter, let us first understand what an economy really is.

An economy, as referenced from Wikipedia, consists of an economic system of a country or other area, the labor, capital, and land resources and the economic agents that socially participate in the production, exchange, distribution and consumption of goods and services of that area. All professions, occupations, economic agents or economic activities contribute to an economy. Also as referenced from, an economy is the wealth and resources of a country or region especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services. From both these definitions, it is clear to me and I hope to you that an economy is made up of many sectors.

Why is it, then, that QNET is often sighted as being bad for an economy? Could it be because it is a global company that gains most of its profits from other economies? That is to say, from the countries QNET operates. If this was the case, the same could be said for every other global company in the world, could it not? Every product you own, that was not made in your country, was sold to you by a global company just like QNET. Why aren't other global companies like Nokia, Toyota, Phillips, and many others, also not sighted as being bad for an economy? Are they not bigger and even wealthier than QNET? This, then, cannot be the reason why QNET is said to be bad for an economy, because if that where the case, all other global companies would come under the same scrutiny.

Maybe it is a question of the price of the products people buy in order for them to participate in the business opportunity offered by QNET. But then again if that were true, companies like Prada, Rolex, Ferrari, Gucci, and many others would be scrutinized as well. But they aren't, are they? Aren't their products much more expensive? What is the difference between these businesses and QNET? People still buy their products but you don't hear anyone saying these companies are bad for the economy. Why is that? The products offered by these businesses and QNET are of the highest quality aren't they? This too cannot be why QNET comes under fire as being bad for the economy.

Maybe it is the way direct selling companies like QNET operate. What is the major difference between all the other global companies out there and direct selling companies such as QNET? Those companies provide jobs in the countries they operate from while direct selling businesses such as Qnet provide their customers an opportunity to earn an extra income by owning their own business. This might be why companies such as QNET are often said to be bad for an economy. But is that true? Even before the economic crisis we are in started, weren't there too few good paying jobs to go around for everyone? Now with the current economic crisis, there are fewer than ever. Why?

Traditional companies such as the ones I mentioned earlier, the same ones that provide jobs in the countries they operate in, are all cutting down on their work force. Surely unemployment cannot be good for an economy, can it? But wait, those same people getting fired from their traditional jobs are turning to direct selling companies like QNET. Why are these people opting in for them? It’s mainly because these companies deliver on a promise they make to their customers. They pay them for every product they market and sell to others for them.

Direct selling companies such as QNET then, in my opinion, are good for any economy. The one thing I have come to realize during these economic times is that people still want to buy products and services, even those that are unemployed. Direct selling businesses capitalize on this, true, but they pay anyone, unemployed or not, who markets their products and they pay them handsomely. Take QNET for example. Qnet pays, on a good day, $2,500 a week, to any customer who markets their products and services. Isn't this money coming into an economy and isn't it far more than is going out?

Anyone who says that QNET is bad for an economy clearly doesn't understand what an economy really is. A national economy is made up of many sectors working together and to say a company like Qnet, compared to other big named global companies, is bad for that economy as a whole, is ridiculous. Saying so assumes that the nation in question depends on QNET alone for its products and services and we know that's not true. I believe that it is the duty of all customers, actively marketing QNET products and services, to create their own businesses with the commissions they earn. These businesses in turn create job opportunities, which in the long run is good for the economy in question.

This is what most QNET Representatives I know do. They use their commissions to start their own businesses. Obliviously some Reps that manage to start their own businesses fail to be successful in their ventures and in the end focus solely on marketing products and earning commissions. Those that are successful in their own businesses quit their QNET business and hand it over to their loved ones so that they too can be successful. Why some reps fail to start their own business and others succeed is a topic for another time.

So is QNET bad for the nation’s economy? I think not. I realize everyone else has their own views and I would really love to hear them, especially how they have come to their conclusions on this matter. Please feel free to post them in the comment box below. I would like to thank the anonymous source for their comment and I hope to hear from them again. If you are ready to let Qnet help you in your pursuit of your dreams as it has helped me, visit the QNET website or contact me directly by email.


  1. Morning

    1) QNET is not a bizness, because QNET don't sell product but only dream.

    2) The other company, Rolex, Prada, and so, sell product not dream, and i just want you to know that in the past questnet, the old Qnet, sell Some BAD ROLEX, but now there stop because people know that.

    3) You think that buy something like the in voice at 500$ is normal when we know that the first company for the ip phone is skype and skype is free.

    4) In Qnet the representant can only buy one piece, not a lot, why? Just because it's better too make some new member than sell more product.
    This is not true in the other company

    5) Why Questnet change name to QNET?
    Great company change name for good reason, can you give me the reason?

    6) why the Qnet representatives want to start their own bizness?
    Just because they know that Qnet is a scam

    7) Are you got mony from QNET?


  2. Thank you Valeria for your comments.

    1)Your claim that QNET is not a business is false. QNET does sell various products. If you want to know more about them, i welcome you to read my earlier posts. The dream you talk about is the same dream that all network marketing companies "sell" to their clients, that of financial freedom! It is their approach to gaining this freedom that differs.

    2)QNET has never sold the Rolex brand. All of the watches sold by QNET are of the Bernhard H Mayer and Cimier Brand.

    3) True, Skype was the pioneer in the ip-phone technology and In-voice does share some similarities with it, however, In-voice is not limited to smart phones as Skype is. With the In-voice package, you can access your telephone no. even with a land line. Does Skype offer that? With In-voice you can now issue Cli-ck cards, if you have sufficient credit on your account, to sell to customers and earn 25% retail profit. Does Skype offer that?

    4) Your claim that a representative can only buy one product is not correct. A QNET representative can purchase as many products as they wish. The only difference it that its a ONE time purchase. Isn't it your aim in any business to reduce on costs? Unlike other network marketing companies that require that you continuously buy products from them to gain points to earn commissions (meaning money is constantly leaving your wallet), with QNET you buy your product ONCE and that's it. However, every representative is allowed to purchase another product if they so desire, just as long as their account is activated which is done by introducing two direct referrals into the business, under that account.

    5) Yes, i get money from QNET. Do not ask me how much because that is a private matter! I can tell you, however, that getting money in this industry is directly proportional to the efforts you put into the business. So your question of if i get money is of no relevance to you. What is of relevance to you is how soon you can earn money from QNET. Your efforts might be greater than mine and you may earn even more money than i do which is great, for you i mean! May i ask you this question, "HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT IT?" If you want to earn money weekly, you have to push your business accordingly, build your team and then you too will make money as i do. You do yourself a great disadvantage by comparing the figures i make to gauge what you would make, because you and i are two different people.

    6) Why do you think QNET is a scam? Did you personally experience this? Do you have first hand knowledge of this? Or are you basing your claims from what other people are saying? This claim is a hot subject to prospects i speak to and is the topic of my next blog because it is too big a topic to place on this comment box.

    7) We all have different reasons for joining network marketing. For some, it's a way to earn supplemental income. For others its a life choice. For other people, such as myself, we join QNET to earn enough money so that we can push our dreams forward. We realize the great potential this industry offers that other industries don't. It's up to you to decide what you do with the income you earn. You can decide to spend it or build other assets. We decide to build assets that bring in even more money into our wallets! This is part of the "dream" i was talking about earlier that network marketing companies such as QNET offer to every one.

  3. hi, i misslead by one of your representitives that paying the agreed portion of money ( eg. 500$ ) was not for the product , but was for the opportunity for being a representitive for ur company . While the product was , in his own words , "a gift to ensure ur money's worth ". is this true ?

  4. Thank you "Anonymous" for your comment. Yes, you were misled and whoever misled you needs to go for further training to get their facts straight.

    The money paid, in your case $500, is the price of the product. If you are interested in joining the business too, you are required to add $10 to the final price and you are given a virtual office by QNET where you monitor your business.

    To be clear....THE PRODUCT IS NOT A GIFT. It is what you have to buy in order to join in on the opportunity QNET is offering. I hope this explanation has answered your question. If you have any other questions please feel free to post them here.

  5. Hey Patrick,

    I do not have any question. I'm also a part of Qnet but intially was mislead my many articles in google claiming ,Qnet to be a scam. But now, I m a part of Qnet family and I know that this works and its not a SCAM.

    I just wanted to say that I'm totally inspired by your efforts to explain all the queries.

    Great Going. Cheers

  6. Hey Archana,

    Am glad that am able to inspire even one person with my blog. Unlike you, i joined QNET and started earning commissions before ever realising that the web was saturated with such negativity about the company. And that's what confused me the most. How could a business that clearly helped me grow as a person and entrepruner have such a large number of people claiming it to be a scam?!

    It's up to you and me to show people that the wool has been pulled over their eyes, that QNET is not a scam and its my hope that our efforts will clear up all the negativity created by those articles so we can get back into the business of earning money!

    Send people here if they have doubts about the company as i try to show that they have nothing to fear.

    Thanks again for your comment,


  7. should i enter Qnet??Qnet's business model has been described as pyramid scheme which is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.

  8. Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries including Albania, Australia,[3][4] Austria,[5] Brazil, Canada, China,[6] Colombia,[7] Denmark, the Dominican Republic,[8] Estonia,[9] France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Iran,[10] Italy,[11] Japan,[12] Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, the Netherlands,[13] New Zealand,[14] Norway,[15] the Philippines,[16] Poland, Portugal, Romania,[17] South Africa,[18] Spain, Sri Lanka,[19] Sweden,[20] Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand,[21] Turkey,[22] the United Kingdom, and the United States.[23]

  9. Thank you Chew wei shan for your question.

    Yes, pyramid schemes are totally illgal. QNET however is not a pyramid scheme. Read my posts on this topic on and and and if you require even more proof on this, read Do you really think the assossociations listed on that page would align themselves with an illegal business??

    QNET has been described this way by people who do not understand the industry. QNET's model isn't about promising participants payment or services, it's about selling products that answer the participants needs and wants. To become a member of QNET, you have to buy a product, and QNET has a wide range of products. If you want proof of this, visit

    As I have already explained in my posts at and, if you are feeling uprehensive about joining the buisness, the option to purchase a product first and try it out is available to every one. If you believe that others may enjoy your product too, then you can register and enter QNET.

    And to your first question. Yes I believe you should really consider joining QNET. I do not suggest this to earn any commission, but because I believe that anyone that wants to be thoroughly sure about their decisions and does in depth research on a direct selling company like QNET will have their clients best interest at heart. And that to me is the best person you need in any business.

  10. i've check Qnet on wiki but it said qnet is using pyramid scheme business model.just type Qnet wiki on google.

  11. Hello again Chew

    "The company has also been accused of operating a product-based pyramid scheme. In Iran and Indonesia these accusations have resulted in the shut down of the company by the government and the arrest of key members involved with the company."

    This is just part of the a rather long post on wikipedia on QNET. I hope it's the article you were talking about. Has the company had it's legal fall backs, yes. I would like you to name one successful company that hasn't. Name one and am sure that anyone with the time and a good internet connection will find some dirt on it. Does that mean that the company is fraudulant?

    The thing you have to know about wikipedia is that ALL it's content is placed there by the public. The above wiki post tells half the story. It was clearly put there by someone who only had a negative view about the company. Yes QNET had been baned in several countries, but nowhere in that post do you see anything pertaining whether or not QNET was successful in it's efforts to reverse those decisions.

    Keep digging if you wish but I should tell you that the internet is littered with negativity. Why? There's a saying in my country, "Empty cans make the loudest noise". Negative publicity sells and if you are gullible, you will fall victim to the lies. You can never be certain till you try it out for yourself. My advice: If you are really that unsure about your decision to join QNET, don't join!

    QNET has grown over the years. The company has learnt from it's earlier mistakes, and has resaulted in the introduction of a wider range of products, far cheaper prices and as an IR myself, the best compasation plan out there. Direct selling is here to stay and QNET has proved itself to be a winner in the industry.

  12. Qnet has changed my life, it is not only money wise, but also personal development, leader ship skills and increase my relations world wide. I will fight any one say a bad word about this Unbelievable Company... i will never settle for less
    Any company has negativity out ther on the web, why u ppl always care about the negativity and ignore the positivity
    I'm IR at Qnet and it is pleasure for me to be a networker.
    btw even the 1st company in NWM Amway has claims about Pyramidial scheme even it is registered in the WFDSA, Guess what Qnet also Registered in the World Fediral Direct selling Association WFDSA.
    So please don't look at the part u need to find, just look at the hole picture and u will find how Big is Qnet
    Thank you

  13. Well put Ahmed Fathy, although I hope you restrain yourself from fighting anyone who disagrees with your point of view! Instead teach them, show them the truth and hope that they come to understand your way of thinking.

  14. Hey Kabajjo,

    I'm on the threshold of joining this biz and as u said the net is saturated with negative comment..well that didn't defer me a bit as I have had the experience of direct selling/network marketing (did the Amway business for a while). Your blog certainly helped me making up my mind and i will give the Qnet business my best shot.

    You indeed are doing a good job and this helps us clear the cobwebs in our minds.


  15. Hello Leslie,

    I am glad that you are not deterred by the negativity on the internet by people who clearly do not understand the business and industry QNET is involved in. I welcome you into the QNET family and would like to know more about how you where introduced to the company.

    I am sure that you will have a great experience with QNET as am guessing you did (or still do) with Amway.

    If you still have questions that you need answered feel free to leave them in the comment box below or email me directly. I would love to hear from you.

  16. Dear Kabajjo,

    Good Morning,

    Great and safe day,

    really i like your words hoping to see you in next VCON 2012 in sha ALAH.

    Moataz Mostafa

  17. Dear Kabajjo,
    good morning.
    first time i read ur blogs,it's really i m helpfull.i m facing a lot of guys who r on the threshold weather to join or not bcoz of negativity on internet.but i think every one gets his belief more strong with the help of ur thanks a lot again.

  18. Thank you Moataz Mostafa and Pratiush for your feedback, I am glad my blog could be of help to you and your teams!

  19. is government of india have aproved qnet as a legal company

  20. Sorry for the late reply Bharat. I have just gotten confirmation that QNET is indeed legal in India. It operates through its franchisee Vihaan Direct Selling India Pvt Ltd which is registered under VAT No. 29500670395 and Service Tax No. ADCV8173FSD001. It is also incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 and allot No. U52399KA2011PTC060730.

  21. The beginning of qnet road is tough...may i ask you a question?how long you been work at qnet?

  22. I would really love to know who am talking to. I request that next time you leave our name with your question. To answer your question Anonymous, I have been an IR of QNET for four years now!

  23. QNET is the only company where you can definately earn by your F2.

    I am 24 year old and still I am thinking that I am lil late to be a part of this.

    one more thing, I you want your success then nothing matters.

    Join QNET and see by your self that its worth or waste.

  24. Thank you Sanchit for your comment, you are right, people should try out the business for themselves before they declare it a waste of time or not.

    However you are wrong in assuming that you are late in partaking in the QNET business opportunity. It is never too late to start your own business. You are only late when you are dead! That's something I tell myself to keep me motivated!


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