Friday, September 16, 2011

QNET: Scam Or Legit Business?

The paradigm of Network Marketing is so fundamentally different and distinct from all other paradigms of business, that it requires a pretty complete shift from the way we normally view business to appreciate and understand it. For example, in our industry, every single company, no matter how different its products and services are from any other's, competes directly with every other Network Marketing company in attracting people to their business opportunity. That kind of competition from every angle doesn't exist anywhere else, in any other industry.

Given that unique competitive environment, there is the tendency for individual distributors to offer their opportunity as 'the best'. That's natural, but how they do that is critical. Sadly, most of them only think to accomplish creating the perception of 'best' based on their old paradigm values, being the best by putting down the competition. 'My car's better than your car.' That may be fine when it's Ford versus GM or when multi-million-dollar fights for market share are being waged over the TV in the beer battles or cola wars. But when Network Marketing distributors put down other companies, they're also putting down the industry as a whole.

What happens then, and remember, we are the 'word-of-mouth' business, is that there's this growing communication out there in the world about how bad this company is, and that company is, and this other company is. Here's an interesting statistic, for every positive piece of word-of-mouth consumers pass around, there are 11 negative comments being shuttled about. Just think about that for a moment: for every positive thing that's said about my company or product, there are 11 negative things being said. Geometric progression works! For us and against us, too.

Soon, those 11 negatives become 22, then 44, and all the way up into the hundreds of thousands, as one person shares how bad Network Marketing is with another, and they tell five, and they tell five, etcetera. This leads prospects such as your self to think, "Why would I want to be involved in an industry where every company but one markets mediocre products, has an unfair compensation plan and treats their people poorly?!"

What we as distributors fail to understand is this, we all, every single Networking distributor, have the responsibility to 'sell' our industry itself, as well as our individual products and opportunity. Network Marketing is the ultimate in freedom, the freest of all free enterprise. That's the front side. The back, the other side of the coin, is responsibility. Network Marketing is truly the responsibility business. We get paid for taking responsibility. The more of it we take on, the more we get paid. That's what the word 'sponsor' means, being responsible for the people you bring into the business.

When you are responsible for an organization of thousands of people, you earn a lot of money. Which is great. That's as it should be. Right now, as you read this, you may be concerned with your survival in this business, with your sole responsibility being the creation of your own success, true? If your  answer is "Yes", what would be different if you were concerned about the success of the entire industry? If that were your responsibility? What would you spend your time focused on?

Another and probably the largest reason why people say that QNET is a scam is because they have not earned the money they wished to earn from the business, in the time they wished to earn it. In this industry, your personal efforts are of the highest importance. If you do not give 100% to the business, you will earn less than what you hoped for. QNET provides, like many other companies in this industry, a business for people who are serious about gaining financial freedom. Although you don't need qualifications to do this business, it does not mean that you can just join and money starts flowing into your pocket. That is the definition of a pyramid scheme. Money does not grow on trees after all! You are required to work, but this time you are working smart not working hard.

QNET scam reports have also been used as a marketing strategy that is used by a number of rival firms and representatatives of other network marketing companies to paint the picture that their compay is best, as i mentioned earlier. These tactics are very effective and ignoring them can be difficult. These reports are spread with the idea that after reading such reports, those who would have otherwise wanted to invest in QNET, will rethink their decision and might decide to not invest in QNET at all. So it is essential to know the intentions of those writing these reports before believing them since they are generally nothing more that marketing gimmick to increase the demand and the need of the rival companies and their schemes

QNET scam reports are also written by those who clearly do not know how network marketing operates as a whole. To them the concept that you do not have to work hard at something to earn an income is ridiculous. Such people are stuck in the JOB mentality and will come up with all sorts of reasons to justify their beliefs. To them you can not run a successful business if you do not do everything yourself. I had a prospect tell me once that investing in QNET was risky. I informed them that it is only risky to those who know nothing about it! Once you learn how the business operates, you will realise how low risk QNET really is. You only have to be open minded to the opportunity QNET and the network marketing industry presents..

In my view though it is the irresponsible representatives, those who paint the picture that all you have to do is join QNET, sit back, relax and all the work will be done for you to start earning money. These representatives do the most damage to this wonderful company. All prospects who meet such representatives are hereby forewarned. Although their intentions may be good, these representatives are inevitably in the business for themselves and will not stick by you once the signup is completed. It is because of these bad representatives that QNET is viewed as a scam by the prospects that are abandoned by these irresponsible parties. Your goal then as a prospect is to look for the Representative who has your best interest at heart. One you trust will impart to you all their knowlegde so as to assist you succeed in your business. The good news is that such representatives do exist. They understand that this business is about TEAMWORK.

Network Marketing is all about networking and interacting with people, understanding their problems and giving them solutions, especially to their financial problems if they have any. We provide them with something that neither the government nor their JOBs can give them. And that is Time and Financial Freedom. It has been said that a networker is a "Freedom Fighter”. Most people in the world aren’t free to do as they please. They are trapped in their JOBS and most can’t get out of that particular form of "slavery". QNET offers people who are serious about their dreams the opportunity to achieve them.

I hope this explanation has been of help to you. If you have any comments, please feel free to post them below.


  1. Qnet is scam / fraud, These buggers have already changed company name once (QuestNet and banned in 8 countries). 100% frauds

  2. BackRub changed their brand name to Google, Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation changed their brand name to International Business Machines (IBM), Lucky Chemical Industrial Corp and Lucky Goldstar changed their brand name to LG, Network Associates changed their brand name to McAfee Inc., Datsun changed their brand name to Nissan, Matsushita Electric Corporation of America changed their brand name to Panasonic, Brad's Drink changed their brand name to Pepsi-Cola, Service Game Company changed their brand name to SEGA and Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web later became known as Yahoo!

    The list of companies and brands that have had to adopt new names is endless. They have all had to adopt new names at some point or another in their business lifecycle. What do all these companies and brands have in common? They are all big names in their respective industries, making millions of dollars a year. Does changing their name mean that these companies are "scam/fraud" as you put it, Anonymous??

    In 2000, China banned the sale of gaming consoles. In 2002 Greece banned the use of electronic gaming machines. Does that mean that playing game consoles is banned for the rest of the world? The Russian government dubbed the emo fashion style “a threat to national stability” and banned people from wearing emo clothing to public schools or government buildings. Has that stopped that fashion style from being adopted in the rest of the world?? The government of Iran once banned all hair cuts that were not included in their list of government-approved styles.
    Denmark put a ban on all fortified foods, effectively banning fortified breakfast cereals, Ovaltine and Marmite.

    Brands, companies, products and services are banned from certain countries all the time. In most cases, it is an attempt from their respective government's to try and protect their citizens from harm until those brands and companies can prove that their products, services and business endevurs are not harmful to civilians.

    QNET is no different. Yes QNET has been banned from certain countries in the past, but QNET has proved and continues to prove that their business is indeed legitmate and has had most bans lifted.

    My questions to you are if you have ever had first hand experience that QNET is fraudulent and is indeed a scam? Have you ever personally owned a product from the company? Have you ever tried the business for yourself and had the company not compensate you for your efforts?

    And if you have tried the business, did you treat it with the respect it deserved and not as a hobby? Did you put in 100% of your efforts and duplicate the system of RULE 3?

    I invite you to read my post at and answer my questions truthfully, if not to me then to yourself.

    1. As someone who joined, and decided to leave - I couldn't agree more with what you said.
      Its true. Their system is legit, smart and is growing.
      If you give it the attention you will make S**t load of money.

      but all their products can never exceed 10% of the prices being posted on their site, i've done my long research and found nothing but great disappointments
      Cheap products being offered at ridiculously expensive rates - that's a business based on MONEY

      They claim they're exclusive, great value for money, and you're joining a great business as an addition to your newly bought exclusive piece. Go bring the rest of your circle, that's an opportunity you cannot skip.

      When you claim something you're not, that's considered fraud too.

    2. Thank you Anonymous for your feedback. It would help me loads if you could share your "long research" and references with us, so we can all understand your point of view. Also i would like to know, from your perspective, which products are cheap that are being offered at expensive rates.

      In any case, i am not sure which products you are referring to, but from my personal experiences, i can confidently say that my Chi Pendant and Bio Disc are great
      value for money products. If a product solves a major problem for someone, that product is deemed valuable is it not? My products solved a major problem of mounting health costs, thus have value to me and being from a poverty stricken country, that counts for something.

      Which product did you buy that didn't match your expectations? I ask this too because i fail to believe that you bought ALL the QNET products to the point that you could accurately access their value for everyone. Value, as i have come to learn, just like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    3. Ok. Here's the thing.

      And I hope you have an open heart to accept what I'm about to say
      I am egyptian, we have an Old saying that says "what goes on a rat goes on the Lion, in an animal kingdom..of course."

      Now I do not have to prove that their stuff are way over priced on all their qualifying product range. But I have found my reasons for both - their crapy watch Brand, and their Swiss eLearning courses that they claim its doing humanity a great favor.

      But before I give my reasons, let me remind you that my above post has nothing against the actual product or its features - I clearly stated that they are products that do work
      so its not surprising that their famous bio-disc does miracles, as a matter of fact I have close friends who did experience VERY good results

      But is the question here "is their products a fraud?"

      Nope. Again - its the ridiculous rates they are being offered at

      I am a watches collector - I love watches and I think I am eligible to know a good watch from a crappy watch.

      This brand that's called Bernhard H. Mayer, that they claim it has to do with the famous german coin makers who were there since 1871 - now they claim its the same Bernhard H. Mayer (The grand grand grand father) has continued this industry and started making watches and jewelry - That's crap! thats a company owned by QI group called Cimier that makes the components for that watch, a brand established with the purpose of making affordable watches for workers that doesn't exceed their 1 week salary, during the world war. They say its swiss made - its true, it is swiss made, but you can make a 100% swiss made watch at 100$ and will look amazing (Check the great swiss replicas in the markets)

    4. now they call it "Bernhard H. Mayer Watches & Jewelry since 1871"!
      They are selling these from $700 up to $3200 just cause they've hijacked the reputation of the great Mayer family, that did coins anyways! which isn't a big mark in the watch industry if you asked me. (btw I believe someone soon is gonna have you delete all this so copy before they close your page!)

      Those brands my dear will NEVER see the light if they were offered in the markets with those prices, matter of fact, they will get sued and brought down right away from REAL great watch makers such as Rolex, IWC, Tag Heuer... "before you offer at our rates better prove you deserve it"

      then briefly, their eLearning courses, Swisselearning courses that are supposed to be a GREAT VALUE for money, a complete MBA for $600. Wow!
      if you went to their FAQ, you'll find at the very bottom:

      Is the course certificate a degree or a diploma?
      The courses at Swiss eLearning Institute are non-academic courses. Though the course certificate is not a degree or a diploma, your enrolment will enhance your skill in the respective fields for which you have signed up.

    5. Now does that give you any confidence in any of their products? who writes this as their Disclaimer for EXCLUSIVE products?

      But i guess not many "IR's" have read this.

      They rely on the IRs to boost the sales via convincing them that these products have amazing value for money, and that they are exclusive and so more people could accept the idea

      Did they "Qnet" say that? Nope. as a matter of fact if you go ahead and read the terms of use and their policy guidelines, you will find that as an IR you cannot say or do so many things - but I guess very few IRs hardly accepted all these terms and conditions without lookin at it

      Qnet is Legit, they know their products are way overpriced but people will join because they want to make money - everyone wants to make money, but not all of us will accept to sell products to our relatives and friends if we find them no more than 20% of their actual prices.

      and that's the job of your upline, to tell you this, and convince you that this IS infact an amazing price

      Bottom line is
      You say what you have to say as an IR to get the job done, as long as no one could get back at us in the court room.

    6. here's the same Disclaimer notice on the Qnet website and all their brands websites:
      Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance to the terms of this Disclaimer.

      No Warranty to Accuracy

      The information provided by us on this website is on an ‘as is’, ‘as available’ basis and is for general, indicative purposes only. Although every effort is made to ensure the reliability of the information contained in this website, this shall not constitute as a warranty, either expressed or implied with regards to the accuracy and adequacy of any information stated herein.

      We expressly disclaim any guarantee or warranty of promised future income or earning. Any claim of earning or earning potential should be treated as an opinion only and you shall not rely on it unless you have verified its accuracy. We shall not be held liable to and shall not accept any liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage arising from your reliance on such claims.

      Links to Third Party Website

      Links to third party websites may be provided in this website. The provision or assistance in providing such links is only for users' easy reference purposes only. It does not represent that we agree or do not disagree with the contents of any such external sites. We will not have or accept any liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for the content of such external websites and will not accept any responsibility and shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from or in respect of any use or misuse or reliance on the contents of any such external websites. We reserve our right to delete or edit any information on this site at any time at our absolute discretion without giving any prior notice.

    7. If its okay with you, Anonymous (it would be great if I had an actual name to go with instead), i will copy all you have stated here and post it together with my answer for others to follow along, because I think you have raised some valid issues. Thanks again for sharing your point of view.

      Yes, I too thought the prices for some of the QNET products where a bit on the high side at first, but that's only if you think short time. In the long run, you save way more, am talking about products from the Amezcua products and the holiday packages. What you call ridiculous rates, someone else calls fair. after all these are products that will last you from 15 years (Amezcua products) up to 30 years (holiday packages)...this too factors in the final price btw.

      I will share a saying with you too, I think you know it. "One man's meat is another man's poison"! I have nothing against your taste in watches but i would urge you to be careful about how you throw around accusations on whether a product is "crappy" or not. Secondly, The Qi group doesn't own Bernhard H. Mayer, they are partners and have shares in the company (i believe) but that's about it. They do, however own Cimier, which they bought some time ago.

      As for the Swiss elearning institute, yes you are not getting a diploma or degree. If I may ask, do you get a diploma or degree from attending seminars? No. What you do get is a new set of skills that when used in your daily life can be of benefit to you. Swiss eLearning Institute is no different.

      The term "expensive" is relative. What I mean by this is, if a product has no value to you, no matter what level of price it may have, it will be "expensive". My mentor once asked me this as an example, "If your relative falls sick today and requires medical attention, come hell or high water, you would look for the money to pay the hospital bills, wouldn't you." This is because a life has to be saved. Any price is not too high, even for the most poor person on the planet. But ask that person to buy an item that will not add value in his/her life and be prepared to hear this response, "That product is too expensive!"

      Price should never be the deciding factor in whether or not to refer a product to anyone. The one mistake you can make in this business is assume that because you think a product is expensive, others will too. Unlike you, i will sell a product to my family or friends that I believe will benefit them the most, irrespective of price.

      I will post the rest of my comment in a new post. Stay tuned for it.

    8. hmmm,

      so that disclaimer did not affect you at all.

      well without listening to the rest of your trial. I am someone who looks into crediability and that particular Disclaimer on all their products sums it up for me.

      Thank you and I hope you reach financial freedom sooner than you expect.

    9. You misunderstood me, Anonymous. I planed to answer all your queries including that of the disclaimer in full in my next blog post as I stated earlier. Here is the link to read my full response...

    10. I hope that my detailed post helped shed some light on your queries, Anonymous


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